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🌏 I usually write only a few kind of entries into my LiveJournal blog; "real life" and "weekly plans" and sometimes "lists" and "random thoughts". I still remember the golden era of LiveJournal, when I wrote these small thoughts that could fit into a Twitter post.
But then again, I can easily kick that habit.

🌠 Yesterday I watched some Doctor Who videoclips on YouTube. The ones with 9 made me feel nostalgic, and the ones with 4 made me feel happy :D I loved the scene where he wakes in the sickbay after regenerating from 3.

🌰 It's really weird when you think about the fact that most of my daily life when I am alone, I feel all grumpy and bitter, but when I am with my friends, I am happy and silly. But then again, my friends make me happy :D

🍇 I have started to love Deadpool, I can't wait to see the movie next week!

🌽 I usually exercise in the municipal fitness center that has both a gym and a swim hall.
On Feb 22nd when I receive my monthly welfare that is 131 euros, I will purchase myself a membership card for the swim hall, the kind that lasts for a full year, and load 25 visits into my gym membership card. They both cost 50 euros, I can afford that and I will be left with about 30 euros, which is good.
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