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Today's photos

 photo IMG_2197_zpsfbs8btb2.jpg

Fish and chips in Mike's Diner. Yummy!

 photo IMG_2195_zpsu0zaxlbh.jpg

The print on the shirt I wore on Saturday

 photo IMG_2193_zpshamwokmy.jpg

The beautiful tranquil sight from my bedroom window in my parents' home ^_^

 photo IMG_2190_zpsbdpa6ebw.jpg

The design of the Marimekko cards I sent to my Finnish friends as Valentine's day cards, it's designed by Annika Rimala in 1964, named "Puketti" ("bouquet")

 photo IMG_2189_zpsxeeu6vdr.jpg

The design of the Valentine's day cards I sent to my friends who live outside Finland.
It says Maailma on pyöreä, jotta ystävyys voi ympäröidä sen (the earth is round so that friendship can surround it).

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