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As I mentioned earlier, me and my best friend Suavecita had a sleepover at my home. She had been in show named Kustom Kulture 2016 in Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, and she didn’t feel like going to her home in the countryside during the night, so I allowed her to crash at my home. And of course, we were going to celebrate Valentine’s day.

I slept surprisingly well, it was nice to get good sleep after staying awake for almost 20 hours and feeling a bit psychotic in the evening.
I had dreams about teenage boys in French maid outfits, Harold “the Master” Saxon, Jon “Third Doctor” Pertwee (again), huge Victorian mansions, visiting IKEA, moving around in Kannelmäki shopping center by sitting on a skateboard, studying in a business school that resembled a nursery school, and the street where I used to live before my family moved into the home where my parents still live.

Suavecita got up earlier than me, and told me I had made weird grumbling noises when I slept. Haha, maybe.
I didn’t bother with the morning routines as much as her, I just took my morning medicine and put on my tartan skirt and my indie blouse that had a huge tear in the right armpit, and later changed it into my second hand Nanso cotton shirt, the red one with different sized white hearts. It was much more Valentine’s day- themed. I also put a heart- shaped pendant around my neck.

We ate plenty of treats, chocolate and candy and crisps and coffee and other goodies beginning with the letter C. For some reason, I didn’t feel like drinking coffee this time, even if I love it. I only drank one cup.

Suavecita shortened my fringe with my kitchen scissors, and also put the piercing ring into my right ear. I really appreciated it.

We took friendship selfies with Suavecita’s smartphone, while wearing silly hats we found from my closet; she wore a red and white trucker cap with an embroidered eight- ball with bat wings and I wore a red Hello Kitty cap with a tassel.
We chatted and laughed and joked around, here’s a conversation we had:
She: “One of my friends once vomited into a phone box in Rome!”
Me: “I would probably throw up in the TARDIS when it hurtles through space and time!”
She: “Then the Doctor would get angry and bang you on your head with his sonic screwdriver!”

We went to Mike’s Diner in Myyrmäki train station, it’s becoming our favourite hangout.
I got fish and chips with ketchup and garlic mayonnaise, Suavecita got a huge burger with sweet potato chips. The treat was on her, I volunteered to take her to the movies next week to see Deadpool. I nicked one sweet potato chip from her, they tasted surprisingly good. She let me eat the rest of her fries because she was already full.
After finishing our meal, we got coffee and chocolate kisses, and the owner of the place gave all the customers a peck on the cheek as “dessert” because of Valentine’s day, I gave him one as well.

I waited for the P train with Suavecita, we talked about mongooses and spoons and after she was off, I was thinking about going for a walk around the neighbourhood to look at the street art, but I was too full after the meal, and it was very slippery outside.

I went back home, snapped some photos and surfed on the Internet. I added Juha Jyrkäs into my FaceBook friends, and learned that my Sith name would be Darth Aiim. I also made two playlists on Spotify.

I didn’t bother with the evening routines, except for taking my evening medicine and putting on a clean nightie. I also washed my face and put lotion on it because my skin felt dry.

Tomorrow my ASPA worker will visit me at half past two o’clock in the afternoon.
I have to finish the rest of the housework, hope I will be up to it.
As for the rest of the day, I might go to Girls’ House. I’m thinking about taking a book along, perhaps Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club. I should also read that book in English, I’m reading the Finnish translation right now.
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