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My latest photos ^3^

 photo IMG_2226_zpsueh2zw20.jpg

This year's Valentine's day card from Hippi :D Both the card and the WWF envelope were adorable, and Cutecumber totally reminds me of my favorite actor, Benedict Cumberbatch >:3

 photo IMG_2224_zpsuajbd3ip.jpg

Beautiful sight ^_^

 photo 12728892_10209227086979220_884677233061109443_n_zpsdkxeskzd.jpg

The lamp in my kitchenette, this photo was taken by Suavecita :)

 photo 12742823_10209227090219301_3464826368109658716_n_zpspl8rzahz.jpg

This photo was also taken by Suavecita, that's me playing a piano :>

 photo 12734007_10153872799572969_5540892922626840473_n_zpsdzponfjb.jpg

This photo was taken by Pinky, it's amazing how pretty I look :o

 photo IMG_2198_zpsfii5txpm.jpg

Happy Valentine's day to Miia, written by a nice lady in the Valentine's day party in Myöhätuuli :D

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