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Not that zonked

I almost stayed awake for the whole night, despite the fact that I had actually taken my evening medicine in time. I wondered what was wrong with my sudden spout of insomnia, considering that I had also stayed awake for the night between last Friday and Saturday last week.

Nevertheless, I managed to do plenty of housework; I swabbed the top of my writing desk and the kitchen counters, scrubbed the toilet bowl and the sink in my bathroom and also wiped some stains off the floor and walls with Cillit Bang, it left a distinct smell of chlorine into my bathroom.
I didn’t mind that, at least it was a nice smell that reminded me of my childhood when I went to the swim hall every day during summer.
I also managed to mop the bathroom floor, I was really happy with my work.

I managed to sleep for about five hours, but I woke up early when someone rang my doorbell. It was a man in a dapper suit, he gave me a flyer about a renovation company, and then he left. I threw the flyer away.

I decided to do the morning routines now that I was awake; I brushed my teeth, had a wash, dressed up into a brown embroidered Dirndl dress and a red- and orange striped long- sleeved Marimekko blouse.

I really should take the aforementioned brown dress to the dressmaker’s where I frequent. The dress has a zipper on the front, it’s made of some sort of metal and it always about to get stuck. I better ask them to cut it off, and sew a plastic zipper into it.
I also have to take my pink Dirndl dress, and the blue Dirndl dress as well, to the dressmaker’s because both of their doubled- back hems are coming apart. And the purple Dirndl dress that is button- up instead of having a zipper, is coming apart so I have to take it to the dressmaker’s as well.
I also have a lovely pink dress that isn’t a Dirndl, but anyway, it has a button that’s coming off. I could be able to sew it back on all by myself, but I really don’t trust my own sewing skills; I want a professional to do it instead.
I might take one dress to the dressmaker’s each Monday, so I can pick it off on Wednesday when I receive money, so I can pay it then.

I spent most of the early afternoon surfing on the Internet, writing my diary, and I also felt the tiniest bit of drowsiness so I took a short nap, for about half an hour, and woke up feeling chipper and refreshed. Peculiar enough, because usually when I take naps, I wake up after several hours feeling sweaty and groggy and confused, and also very disappointed with myself for spending the most of the day snoozing off.

My ASPA worker Kaarina came for a visit today at half past two o’clock in the afternoon, as usual. We talked about things and stuff while I put the artefacts that I usually keep on my writing desk into better order. I put some of them into my shelf and some on the top of my bureau of drawers. I want to have more working space on my writing desk, that was the reason for the impromptu makeover.

Me and Kaarina went for a short walk around the neighbourhood, now that the weather was nice enough. Kaarina had to go back because she was heading to another meeting, I walked on.
I looked at some street art on the underpass near Apajakuja where I used to live in the group home. I also walked past Honkasuo, there are new houses being built.
I felt like singing, the winter sun made me feel happy.

I decided to go to Girls’ House today, I was glad I had remembered to take my diary along.

I took the bus 560 to Rastila, it felt like the journey went very quickly. Once there, I took a photo of the distant landscape where the trees were coloured rusty red in the light of the setting sun.

I took the subway train to Hakaniemi, it also felt like the journey went over quicker than usual. In the same car there was a mother with her young daughter, they both said that my Frozen backpack and the Pinkie Pie plushie keyring were nice. I smiled at them, thanked them for the compliments, and told them to have a nice day.

I went to Girls’ House, there were plenty of attendees to the dancing lessons, but I was the only one in the café. I drank two mugs of cocoa and wrote into my diary.

Later the day I took the subway train to the city center, then I barely made it to the bus 421.
I got off at Raappavuori and went to visit my parents’ home. I put their mail in order, drank a cup of coffee, surfed on the Internet on my mom’s laptop, watched some VHS tapes, and then I left.

I had checked the timetables, and I was going to take the bus 565, but the bus 571 arrived first. I travelled to Myyrmäki and visited Myyrmanni shopping center, I went to Citymarket to buy two bars of Marabou Japp chocolate.

Once home, I noticed I had received mail; a bill from the appointment in the health center, I am going to take it to the social office. I had also received a Valentine’s day card from Hippi, it arrived in a WWF envelope that had a picture of a butterfly.
The card had a picture of a cucumber with a kawaii face, it said “If you were a vegetable, you’d be cutecumber!” Awww, thank you! It totally reminded me of the cutest cucumber ever, an actor named Benedict…

I remembered that I still had housework to do; I had to hoover and mop the floor from under the furniture, and take the carpet out to dust it. I decided to do them next week.

Tomorrow I am going to take a shower, and I also agreed to meet a few friends. I should go for a couple of errands first; I need to return bottles, take the pink dress with the loose button to the dressmaker’s to be mended, and take the healthcare bill to the social office.
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