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I slept very well during the night, except that this morning I woke up before nine o’clock when my phone rang. It was a nurse from the psychiatric clinic in Tikkurila, she asked me if I wanted to attend this group for schizophrenic people who experience strong delusions, in other words, hear voices. I was told it is held every Wednesday morning, from March to June.
I had to say no, because I don’t function well in the mornings, and I also receive money on Wednesdays so I am quite busy with shopping or going to see movies.

Now that I was already on my feet, I decided to start doing the morning routines.
I took my morning medicine, took a shower and washed my hair, and put on an 80’s Marimekko dress.

I spent most of the day before afternoon eating the rest of yesterday’s chocolate and surfing on the Internet.
Later the day I went out for some errands; I took a plastic bag of assorted textiles and cosmetic items to a charity shop container, and then went to S- Market in Iso- Myyri shopping center to return a few bottles. I made a euro and twenty cents before the machines were stopped up.

I visited the dressmaker’s and asked them to cut the loose button off and sew it back on. I was told it’s going to cost four euros, and I could retrieve it tomorrow.

I visited the Salvation Army flea market, they have an exclusive rack for Marimekko clothes and other assorted textiles, including colorful stripy nighties with long hems. I have decided to buy one each week, because I don’t have enough nightshirts; I always run out of them before the next laundry day, it’s really quite annoying. And I should start investing in underwear, anyway; they’re the most important kind of clothes.

I went to Subway in Myyrmanni shopping center, me and my friends had agreed to meet there.
I met Elyseé and Pinky, and another girl whom I call Anitska.
We sat around talking and laughing, Elyseé and Pinky ate their sub sandwiches and me and Anitska talked about cats, she is a cat lover as well.

Later Anitska had to leave, me and the other girls went to the second floor of the shopping center; there is a new thrift shop named Bella’s, it had all kinds of gorgeous clothes and items! I decided that tomorrow when I receive money, I am going to buy a sand- colored cardigan with a pattern of Rolling Stones logos decorated with rhinestones, a sky- blue long- sleeved blouse with a flowery pattern, a long viscose dress with a flowery pattern, and a knock- off Monster High doll.

After visiting the thrift shop, I asked the girls if they wanted to come over to my home. Normally we go to Pinky’s home, but I thought it would be nice to go over to my place for a while.
They agreed, and then we went to Citymarket to buy some snacks; bacon & cheddar cheese snacks and ranch- flavoured sauce for dipping, hard candies with fruit flavour and spicy salmiakki filling, and a bar of Marabou Japp chocolate.

We went to my home, ate plenty of treats, and later our mutual friend Laufey came to visit us. We had so much fun, eating treats and talking and joking about.

Later the day Laufey had to leave, and then Pinky left. Me and Elyseé decided to have sleepover.

In the evening I took my medicine, flossed and brushed my teeth, washed my face, put lotion on my skin, and put on a clean nightie.
I also made a bed for Elyseé on the sofa- bed, and washed two loads of laundry.

Tomorrow I will receive money. I will go to the bank to withdraw them, and then go to the dressmaker’s to pick up my mended dress. I also have to buy a nightie from the Salvation Army flea market, and visit Tokmanni to buy new underwear.
I will have an appointment in the psychiatric clinic at half past one o’clock in the afternoon, and about at three o’clock in the afternoon me, Elyseé and Pinky will go to the thrift shop again.
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