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Weekend blues

I slept on the sofa- bed last night, as I usually do when I change my bed sheets every second Saturday and leave my mattress in the balcony to have it aired.

I slept well, and had dreams about being a suffragette. I also had a dream about summer, there were great big heaps of snow by the streets but it was still warm. I also dreamed about the street art near my home. They were all nice dreams.

When I woke up, my back was aching. I don’t know why, but I guess it’s simply because I’m not used to sleeping on the sofa. My armpits smelled very nice, I enjoy the smell of napalm in the morning.

I got up and took my morning medicine, and to my surprise I managed to brush my teeth and have a proper wash. At first I thought, “What is the point of having a wash if I only do it once a week? And why do I have to do this routine every morning and evening, I don’t have enough spoons for it”.

I scrolled through Facebook and Tumblr, then I decided to call my mother and ask her if I can come over. She said yes.

I took the bus 571 to Raappavuori. Both mom and dad were home, and in unusually high spirits.

I ate chocolate, cashew nuts, and feta cheese, and drank coffee.

Later the day I went back home. I walked to Martinlaakso bus station and took the bus 565 to Myyrmäki, because I had missed the bus 574.
I went to Myyrmanni shopping center to hang out, and then went home.

I called my grandmother and talked to her for a while, I told her I am coming to visit her at the end of March.

I felt hungry, so I cooked some oatmeal porridge. I felt a craving for something savoury, so I sprinkled some salt on it, instead of the honey I normally use. I also boiled four eggs for supper.

I hoovered and mopped the floor under the furniture, took out the trash, and also collected some stuff to take to the charity shop container.
I also decided to throw away the throw rug I keep under my shoes in the hallway; it had lots of tears in it, basically it’s almost fifteen years old, and I needed a new one anyway.

I wrote and stamped some late Valentine’s day cards for my friends.

In the evening I noticed that time was going really slowly when I waited the time to be nine o’clock in the evening when I take my evening medicine.

Tomorrow I should finish the rest of the housework, that is, scrub the bathroom sink and mop the floor, and take the carpet and mattress out for dusting. I should also take a shower and wash my hair, preferably before my ASPA worker Kaarina comes for a visit, so both me and my home will look presentable.
I will also receive my monthly welfare. I am going to order something from Etsy.com, this time I am going to order an oversized sky blue t- shirt with a pink heart with cursive “Mermaid” on the front from a shop named imyourpresent, and a rose quartz necklace with a silver- plated sun symbol from a shop named lotusfairy; I have decided to order two products at the end of my Etsy Favourites each payday.
Then I will go to the bank to withdraw the rest of the money; actually, I better do it in the morning before the visit from Kaarina, since the bank where I have my deposit account doesn’t have cash services after two o’clock in the afternoon.
Then I’ll go buy another Marimekko nightie from the Salvation Army flea market, and a proper brassiere from Tokmanni. Then I will go to Myyrmanni shopping center and visit Ärrä, a convenience store to buy two Spotify Premium gift cards for one month because Spotify doesn’t accept my Visa Electron deposit card. I need two, one for my laptop and one for my Lumia, I am going to download Spotify for it.
Then I will go to the stationery shop to buy new magic ink pens, two green, pink, light blue, and purple ones so I can put half of them into the drawer of my writing desk, and half into the pencil case in my backpack. I also need to buy a set of ten 1st class postage stamps and next month’s birthday cards.
I will go to Helsinki after the ASPA visit, I need to buy a new throw rug and then go visit Girls’ House.
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