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It’s no wonder I slept so late today, I had stayed up late last night watching Netflix and surfing on the Internet.
I had many dreams about the summer cottage my family used to own. I also had dreams about chocolate Easter eggs and people who bullied me.

I got up at half past two o’clock in the afternoon, took my morning medicine, dressed up into a “hockey dress”, as I like to call it, and tried to make my hair look presentable.

I turned on my laptop and logged in to my online bank account. Yes, I had received money.

I drank a cup of coffee with milk and sugar because I wanted to get rid of the bad taste in my mouth. Then I went to the shopping center to visit a cash machine to withdraw the money, I decided not to use cash services in the bank anymore.

I went to Ärrä to purchase the ticket I had ordered yesterday when I went to visit my parents; I will go see a play named Pasi Was Here on April 30th in a theatre named KOM in Helsinki.
I went to Citymarket to buy enough food to serve me for a week. Then I went to Gina Tricot and bought the amazing bohemian blouse I have had my eye on for, um, a day.
Then I went to the stationery shop and bought three birthday cards, and ten 1st class postage stamps. Then I went to Tokmanni and bought a new brassiere, I noticed that they had boxes of paper handkerchiefs in discount so I bought three boxes of them. I like to stock up on hygiene products so I won’t run out of them too quickly.

I went back home, teetering from side to side because the bags felt so heavy.
I put my belongings to their rightful places, washed a load of laundry, and then I decided to go visit Helsinki. It was getting very late by now.

Once in Helsinki, most of the shops were already closed or about to be closed for the day. I went to Cybershop in Forum shopping center and bought a new barbell piercing ring for one of the holes in my ear. Next time I meet Suavecita, I better ask her to put it into the hole. She has very nimble fingers.

I went to Kamppi shopping center and visited the stationery shop to buy two diaries, one paperback and one ringbinder, and also another birthday card, this one for Luisita. She has her birthday next month, I will send her a package.

Then I went to BodyShop and bought a bottle of banana- scented hair conditioner, I got discount because I had enough bonus points in my membership card.

I went to the eco- market Ruohonjuuri and bought some hygiene products; a bottle of universal cleaning liquid I can use to scrub the floor of my home, a panty liner made of blue cloth with a darker blue pattern of lizards (it’s the third in my collection, five more to go), a bubble- gum flavoured Crazy Rumours lip balm, a raspberry- scented bar of soap, a tube of toothpaste, and a tofu wiener with pumpkin seeds.

While walking to the Eliel Square, I snacked on the tofu wiener, it tasted good. I took the P train to Myyrmäki and went straight home.

Once there, I put the cloth panty liner into the laundry basket, put the domestic hygiene products into the kitchen drawer and the personal hygiene products into the cupboard above the microwave oven. The notebooks were put into my bureau of drawers in the hallway, to wait until I feel like taking them to the storage room downstairs.

I took my evening medicine, flossed and brushed my teeth and took a short shower. I will take a proper shower and wash my hair tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will have an appointment at the psychiatric clinic at two o’clock in the afternoon.
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