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I stayed awake until the small hours, watching Doctor Who on Netflix. No, I don’t have an obsession, even if I had, it’s a completely healthy one.
I have learned to love the eleventh Doctor, even if the tenth Doctor is my unholy favourite. They are both such pretty boys!
I watched the Xmas special and the episode The Impossible Astronaut and then I finally decided to go to sleep.

I slept pretty well and had some very nice dreams about the Doctor, including one where I hung out with the 11th Doctor and his wife River Song on Xmas Eve, right in the neighbourhood where I grew up.
Then it was summer, and I hung out with the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond and Rory Williams, their adult, child, and old forms. We were having a barbeque, I tried to be nice to old Rory but he made fun of me. The Doctor invited us to his Tardis and made me pancakes. It was a lovely dream.
In another dream me and some of his old companions found out that the Doctor had died, and we tried to investigate it; we found an apartment with lots of information about the Doctor, including his previous regenerations. I found the sixth Doctor’s technicolour coat and the seventh Doctor’s umbrella.
In another dream I was the 2nd Doctor’s housekeeper in his home, which was a cosy 70’s apartment. I had a good time. The Doctor flew about with the 7th Doctor’s umbrella, and he was very nice and kind and sympathetic and friendly.

I got up at half past nine o’clock in the morning and felt all chipper, which is peculiar enough because I had stayed awake about till three o’clock in the morning so I had slept for six hours straight; sometimes I may sleep for twelve hours and still feel groggy in the morning.

I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, took a shower and washed my hair with the new organic lavender shampoo.
Come to think of it, there are people who work hard and still feel like they’re not enough, and then there’s people like me who believe they did something great when they managed to get up from the bed.

I decided to go see my mother, I called her and she said she was doing her volunteer work for Red Cross right now. I told her I am going to visit their home, she said it was okay.
It’s so weird that every time I look at the bus timetables when going to see my parents, it’s always the same; the last bus left a minute ago or will leave in a minute, and the next one leaves in half an hour.

Once in my parents’ home, I watched some videotapes, surfed on the Internet on my mother’s laptop, and looked at our family photos. I was such a doll when I was a baby, and now I am even more cuter.

I took a bus back to Myyrmäki, while waiting on the bus stop I heard two old men talking:
“Do you believe in god?”
“Yes, I have been to church every now and then.”
“But do you have Jesus in your heart?”
“Yes, I have plenty of stuff in my heart.”
“The weather has been nice.”

Once in Myyrmäki, I went to the jewellery shop named Glitter to buy eight jelly bracelets in pastel neon colors and amulets attached to them. I also bought a set of three “Best Friends Forever” necklaces that were in the shape of those vintage bubblegum dispensers, one pink, one blue, and one purple. I kept the pink one, and the rest of them were given to Elyseé and Emjuso.
I went to the library to write into my diary while waiting for the time to be two o’clock in the afternoon; I was supposed to meet my own nurse Saija in the psychiatric clinic.

During the appointment we had a nice talk, I felt like I was truly opening my heart.
After the appointment, I called Elyseé, we had agreed to meet today. She said she was waiting for me in the Chinese restaurant named Kulta Leopardi in Myyrmanni shopping center.

Once in the restaurant, she was eating sushi. I gave her the purple friendship necklace; she was really happy about it.
We went to the flea market named Bella’s, but didn’t find anything worth purchasing. But when we left, we saw our mutual friends Miriam, Riikka, and Lauski. We hugged each other and told each other to take care.

We went to visit Pinky, she couldn’t come to the shopping center with us because she had a bad backache.
Once in her place, we sat around drinking coffee and talking and laughing and listening to Nicki Minaj’s music and all around having a good time.

In the evening I went back home, but stopped by Citymarket in Myyrmanni to buy two pairs of proper thick tube socks in nice colour, one reddish and one orangeish, hoping that they won’t tear too easily.

Once back home, I watched the movie Terminator on Netflix and started watching Matrix, then Suavecita called me and told me that she wants to come over to my home tomorrow. I said yes, it’s okay.
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