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I have taken up the habit of watching Netflix every evening; last night I watched a bit of Zoolander. I have to see that film before going to see the sequel in the movie theater.
It was about midnight when I started wondering why I was feeling so unnaturally chipper; usually if I stay awake until this time, I feel like a zombie fart and my eyes start getting bloodshot.
I suspected that I had forgotten to take my evening medicine, so I went to the bathroom and checked my Dosett which I keep in the cabinet. And what do you know, I had forgotten to take my medicine last evening. I took them, and in about half an hour and half I fell asleep.

I had all kinds of dreams, and got up in the morning at half past two o’clock in the afternoon. For a moment I thought it was already Monday.

I got up, took my morning medicine, and didn’t bother with having a morning wash because it wasn’t technically a morning anymore.

I put on a yellow dress with a yellow blouse. I checked Hotmail, Facebook, and Tumblr, and then I decided to go visit my parents.

Once in my parents’ home, mom gave me 20 euros. I helped her with housework, she was dusting the kitchen shelves.

Later the day I headed to Helsinki, I walked through Martinlaakso to the train station and took the I train to Helsinki. Once there, I walked a longer way to Kamppi and visited the eco- market Ruohonjuuri to buy an orange- flavored Hurraw!- lip balm. Then I went to the supermarket in Kamppi shopping center to buy a bottle of iced coffee, and a Pez dispenser in the shape of Yoda from Star Wars. I know I had made a mental promise not to buy frivolity for a couple of weeks, in order to balance my finances; but then again, it was the only Yoda- shaped Pez dispenser left in the shop and soon it would be sold out. This was my only change to buy it.

I took the P train to Myyrmäki and visited Citymarket in Myyrmanni shopping center to buy two big cans of milk. Now that I think about it, I could have bought the milk from the supermarket in Kamppi shopping center. Bleh.

Once back home, I put the two cans of milk into my fridge, and the lip balm into the drawer of my bedside table, so I can moisturize my lips without rummaging through my backpack for my cosmetics purse, or going to the bathroom cabinet.

I took the carpet outside to dust it, took a few notebooks to the storage room downstairs, hoovered and mopped the floor under the furniture.

Tomorrow my ASPA worker will visit me at half past two o’clock in the afternoon. I have to finish the rest of the housework and then go to Girls’ House for the rest of the afternoon. If I manage to get up from the bed early enough before the ASPA visit, I might go to the gym.

I also need to finish the rest of the housework; scrub the writing desk and kitchen counter, re- arrange my artefacts and other stuffs, and perhaps wash a load of laundry. I should also hoover and mop the floor under my bed, bookshelf, and the bureau of drawers in the hallway.

I really don’t see why I feel so moody; it might be my PMS.
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