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I stayed awake for the whole night, which amazed me because I had remembered to take my medicine last evening, about at half past eight o’clock.
I also felt chipper, normally when I stay awake all the way past midnight I don’t exactly feel too chipper; I usually feel like a zombie at that time.
I thought that I will probably feel a bit groggy today, but at least I will have a good sleep the following night. And I can always take a catnap later.

I worked on my blogs, changed my LiveJournal layout into one more spring- themed, and my DreamWidth layout into one more easy to read.
I have changed the name of my English Tumblr journal username from “cheesepussy” to “kittyramone”, it’s less pornographic. And I also changed my Finnish Tumblr journal username from “pallosarvinen” to “pupuankka”. I might change it later, so neither of them will refer to less- known comic characters.
I already changed it to “ruusupuska”, a rose bush in Finnish.

I watched the Doctor Who episode The Doctor’s Wife, and made it halfway to the episode Rebel Flesh.

I heard when my neighbour’s mail slot clattered when they received today’s newspapers.

My smartphone had recharged during the night. I wrote a couple of shopping lists for this month, and also jotted down some important dates into the calendar on my smartphone and my wall calendar.

At six o’clock I put on some fresh clothes and took my morning medicine. I made some coffee.

At quarter past eight o’clock in the morning, the social office was opened. I went there and asked if they mind me using their computer for printing out my account statement, I was told it’s fine.

After printing the aforementioned account statement, I took a train to Louhela. It was only a short walk away, but I was so spaced out that I didn’t feel like walking.

I went to the parish, where I had a talk with J.P. I showed him my account statement, and requested a voucher for purchasing a swim hall membership card for the communal fitness center. I also needed another voucher for reloading the card, so I can go there for a year. And I also needed another to reload my gym membership card, preferably 25 visits so I won’t run out too soon.
I said that it’s important I have an access to the fitness center, because exercising would do me good; I would be able to have a place to go and something to do and meet people, I would fight my depression and anxiety and keep my body healthy.
We talked about it for a moment, and then J.P. said he would contact me later.

I took the P train to Helsinki, I still had some business to do. At first I went to the nearest supermarket to return bottles, and made a euro and ten cents.
Then I went to the library to return three books and then I went to the nearest free bathroom, the one in Kiasma museum. All the coffee I had ingested probably gave me the runs.

I sat on the bog for about half an hour, writing my diary and smelling my own poop.
My smartphone rang, it was J.P. He conducted a plan that I would first try applying for the vouchers at the social office, and if I won’t receive them, then the parish will help me. I think it was reasonable.

I took the tram 3 to Kapteeninkatu, just to see where the KOM theater was. I asked a couple of older women if they knew about it, and they told me it’s right up that street. And so it was. Excellent.

I took the same tram back to the city center and went to the BodyShop in Forum shopping center to recycle an empty bottle of facial wash I had bought from there.
I adore their new product, British Rose. It reminds me of Rose “Bad Wolf” Tyler from Doctor Who.

I visited Ruohonjuuri and made mental plans for stocking up on hygiene products, both domestic & personal.

I took the bus 421 to Raappavuori, on the way there I called my mother and told her I am coming over. She said it’s fine, but she will leave in an hour.

Once in my parents’ home, she had already left. I drank some orange juice and ate cherry tomatoes and cashew nuts.

I took the bus 571 to Myyrmäki, I had an appointment with my occupational therapist at the psychiatric clinic.
Once there, I was so tired I was feeling a bit moody. During the appointment, I had to hand- bind a small notebook, and it was actually easier said than done.
We made a new appointment on next week’s Friday, March 11th at quarter to two o’clock in the afternoon.

I didn’t feel like heading home, so I went to the library to write into my diary.
I was going to the Myöhätuuli hobby group, and I managed to take the bus 311A because it arrived earlier.

Once in the group, Jasmin was there. We made smoothies and talked about our personal problems, it felt really good and refreshing.

About after six o’clock in the evening, I took the bus 571 to Myyrmäki and went home.

Tomorrow I should receive the weekly allowance, I’m not sure because I already received 80 euros on Monday.
If I should receive the money anyway, the first thing to do is to go to Helsinki and see the movie Deadpool. No more fooling around, I will go see it and then I can wait for next week’s payday when I can go see Zoolander 2.
After that, I will go to Horror Shop and pay Sami, the shop owner at least 20 euros as a partial payment for the barbell rings he fitted into the holes in my earlobes.
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