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Party people

I slept on the sofa- bed again, because I had left my mattress, pillow, and blanket on the balcony for the night. I was glad that the temperature would be below zero tonight so the bed clothes would be freshened and all the bed bugs and dust mites would be dead.

I slept well, but my back ached every time I turned from one side to another.
I had a dream about Rautalampi and the summer cottage again, and in another dream I was the adopted child of the 2nd and 3rd Doctor.

I got up at half past eleven o’clock in the morning and had to sit on the edge of the sofa for a while, to clear my head.
I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, washed my face and rubbed lotion on it, showered my underbelly, anointed my body with basic lotion, and put on a pair of Hello Kitty pyjama pants and The Ramones sweater. I also put a Queen Elsa pendant around my neck.

I scrolled through my Tumblr dashboard and my Facebook feed, then I called my mom and told her I am coming over. She said it’s okay.

I took the bus 571 to Raappavuori, at first I had thought about walking there because the weather was favourable, but the streets were covered in thick ice and it would only be a matter of time when I fell over.

Once home, mom served coffee and buns, we watched TV and talked about stuff.
I showed her my new diary, it has a design of these cute angel girls on them, she said that the angel on the cover looks a bit like me when I was a toddler. Awww.

Later the day I took the bus 565 back to Myyrmäki, once there I went to Citymarket to buy a bag of cheesy puffs, two bars of Marabou Japp chocolate, and two bottles of Frezza Mocca. I also visited the stationery shop to buy a “Welcome to your new home!” card for Heidi and her fiancée Jari, me and Suavecita would go to their housewarming party today.

I went home and spent some time puttering around my apartment, and then Mirette came to see me as we had agreed.

I washed the dishes, made some tea, and we ate cheesy puffs, surfed on the Internet on our laptops, and talked and laughed a lot.

Later the day we both left at the same time, we hugged each other and said bye-bye.

I took the P train to Kivistö, where Suavecita picked me up on her car. We were already in a party mood. When we drove past her home, we craned our necks and looked at the yard surrounding her house so we could catch a glimpse at her dog.

Once in Tuusula, we found their place easily, and Suavecita also found a parking spot very easily.

Their apartment was very modern and lovely. They served us coffee, crisps, candy, mocca- chocolate cake, Karelian pies with egg butter, and other treats.
There were two other visitors and also our friend Suski. We talked about things and stuff, laughed and took photos, I wrote into my diary, and Suavecita gave Heidi and Jari their late Xmas presents and cards.

Later the day Suavecita gave me a lift back to the Kivistö train station. Before the train station was built, the place looked pretty much like a rocky wasteland, but now there’s apartment houses and cafes and restaurants.

I took the I train to Myyrmäki. I took my evening medicine, took a short shower, put on a clean nightie, and made my bed on the sofa. I ate the rest of the cheesy puffs and wrote into my diary, and I felt very happy about today.
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