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I slept very well, except that I kept on waking up in the morning between an hour’s time.
When I woke up for the first time, I looked at the time on my smartphone which was recharging on my nightstand; it was eleven to three o’clock in the morning and I already felt very chipper.
I decided to sleep a bit more, and the next time I checked the time again, it was about half past seven o’clock.

I had dreams about watching the Harry Potter movies, it was about Hogwarts and the Marauder’s Map.
In another dream, I was cleaning the floor of my apartment with the awesome steam cleaner I am going to buy next week.
Then I had dreams about the culture of the 1990’s, Spice Girls dolls and fizzy fruit candy.

I got up about at ten o’clock in the morning, took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth and had a wash, and dressed up.

I turned on my laptop, checked my e- mails and the balance of my bank account, and scrolled through Facebook and Tumblr. Then I went out for the myriad of errands I had to do today.

First I went to the library to return a stack of books and DVDs, including the American Horror Story: Freak Show DVD collection I had finished watching last night.

I went to the social office, and gave the receptionist my broadband bill and asked him to give it to my social worker. I also asked him if my social worker has already written the vouchers for my gym and swim hall membership cards.
The receptionist told me that the aforementioned social worker had just returned from a sick leave, and she has a pile of other application forms from other customers to go through.
I was astounded by this; well, of course I know that social workers get sick every once in a while, but shouldn’t there be someone to replace her? I mean, there are people who need assistance for groceries and housing and such, otherwise they might starve or be evicted.

I went to Citymarket to buy a bottle of iced espresso, then I looked at their selection of towels. I need to buy new towels, preferably those designed in Finland.
I need three bath towels and three face towels (I am going to keep hand towels and face towels differently, considering my obsession with hygiene). And three bath towels and the same amount of hand & face towels for my overnight visitors.

There was a lovely bright sunshine, I knew that spring was coming but I also knew that there might be a back winter or two before May.

Once back home, I washed the dishes, and ironed two towels. I also listened to some music, Nirvana and Blue Öyster Cult and Lordi and Weird Al Yankovic. I also looked for a song I had heard in my pre- teens when my brother played the video game Tony Hawk’s Skate Boarding. It was a hard rock song and the lyrics to the chorus were, if I recall completely, something like “We got to ride, ride and ride!

Later the day I went to the pharmacy, I asked the pharmacist to give me the paper form of the Solian prescription so I can take it to the psychiatric clinic to renew it. They gave it to me, and I went to the clinic where I wrote a form requesting that I want my Solian and Ketipinor prescriptions renewed, and also the special permission for using Solian must be renewed as well. The permission must be renewed each time with the prescription.

I went to the dressmaker’s, and asked the seamstress to sew the hem of my pink Dirndl dress more neatly because it’s coming apart.
I have decided to have each and every single one of my Dirndl dresses mended at the dressmaker’s, preferably before the end of April when I go visit my grandmother; I have taken up the habit of wearing my Dirndl dresses during the visit, and I have to have them mended so I look presentable in my grandmother’s eyes.
There’s also my purple Dirndl dress, it has a button- up bodice and I accidentally tore it once when buttoning it. And my blue Dirndl dress has the same problem as the pink one, the hem is coming apart.
I also have a green Dirndl dress, otherwise it’s very pretty but the bodice is too tight and the hem is too short. Actually, the whole dress is about three sizes too small, but it’s also very pretty, there’s no way I can give it up!
I also have plenty of other clothes, not only Dirndl dresses, that need to be mended. I’m glad that I have an affordable dressmaker right in the neighbourhood.

I went back home and did some random odd jobs and housework.
Later the day my ASPA worker came to visit me. We talked about things and stuff, and then we left at the same time and agreed that we are going to meet next week on Monday at half past two o’clock in the afternoon.

I took the P train to Helsinki, once there I took the subway to Hakaniemi, and went straight to Girls’ House.
I drank two cups of cocoa, scribbled furiously into my diary, talked with the others, and then I headed home.
I remembered that I was supposed to go to Amos Anderson art museum, there was an interesting new art show, but the museum was probably closed by now. Oh well, I will have plenty of time to go there later this week.

After leaving, I walked to Kaisaniemi subway station and took the subway to the Central Railway Station, and then the P train to Myyrmäki. I felt very energetic, happy and content. I felt like spring was in my veins.

Once back home, I was frustrated at my Internet connection, the USB dongle didn’t work and neither did the broadband. Oh well, fortunately the Internet connection on my smartphone works very well.
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