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Grass and snow and sugar

I don’t know why, but lately I have experienced mania and insomnia. I have stayed awake all the way to the small hours for almost every night during this week, all the way to when I hear my neighbours’ mail slots clatter when they receive the newspapers.

About at one o’clock in the morning I looked out of the window and noticed it was snowing. It looked like the landscape was covered in powdered sugar; it was very beautiful, like a magical fairy forest, but I also wished the snow would melt away quickly so spring would advance; I am already sick of winter.

I really don’t understand why I have felt so manic and insomniac for the past week for almost every night, I don’t know if it’s my usual PMS.
It’s always the same, right after the monthly bleeding ends I have one week of sanity and then it starts again; my breasts swell and feel tender, and I am aggressive to the point of being psychotic.

I spent most of the night doing the same thing, cleaning out my closet like Eminem; I found a satisfying amount of useless stuff to give away, but also felt like I have become a bit neurotic about it.

About at quarter past three o’clock in the morning I brushed my teeth, they were covered in mould and they felt a bit unpleasant.

I went back to bed, turned off the lights, lied down and closed my eyes, and managed to fall into deep sleep.
I had a dream about the first Doctor and his travels with his granddaughter, Susan “Arkytion” Foreman, those dreams were very funny and they almost made me laugh in my sleep.

In the morning I got up about at quarter past nine o’clock, took my morning medicine, had an efficient wash, and dressed up. I wore a black cotton blouse with a pattern of red and green cherry clusters and a red satin bow on the neck, and a pair of purple Daisy Duck pyjama pants.

There was a bright sunshine outside, and the temperature was low.

I took the sheets off my bed and replaced the towels, and put them to the washing machine right away because they didn’t fit into the laundry basket.
I also took my mattress, pillow and blanket to the balcony, I am going to keep them there for the night and sleep on the sofa- bed.

I went to the library and returned every single one of the books and DVDs I had checked out from there, paid my fees, and retrieved my request, the Finnish translation of the book Go Ask Alice; the translation is named Ruohoa, lunta which could be translated as “grass, snow” or “weed, coke”.
I have decided to read one book at a time; after finishing the aforementioned book, I am going to read J. D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye and then J. R. R. Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring.

Once back home, I took both of the carpets to the balcony and hoovered the floor, and also washed another load of laundry.
By now my apartment is tidy enough, but I still need to hoover the floor under the furniture, take out the recycling, take both the mattress and the bigger carpet outside to dust them and then put clean linen into my bed.
I also need to wash the basic laundry; throw rug, shower cap, bathrobe, and the apron I wear when washing the dishes; speaking of washing the dishes, I need to wash my toothbrush cup, the glass plate in my microwave oven, and every single one of the scissors in my home.

I went outside again, this time I took two bags of stuff to a charity shop container, and went to the Myyrmanni pharmacy to pick up a new batch of Ketipinor medicine.
Once back home, I dealt the pills into my Dosett and counted how long the batches are going to last if I take them regularly, and jotted down the dates on my wall calendar when I need to renew the prescriptions again.

I was feeling bored again so I called my mother and told her I am coming for a visit, she said it’s alright. I was just about to leave when my doorbell rang, I knew it would be the repairer who was coming to fix my Internet connection and upgrade my virus protection.
I just didn’t remember he was coming so early.

After the visit, I caught the bus 571 to Raappavuori; mom was napping, I drank some orange juice and used mom’s laptop to surf on the Internet.

Later the day I caught the same bus to Myyrmäki, and went to Citymarket in Myyrmanni shopping center and bought a roll of lavender- scented plastic trash bags, a roll of biodegradable trash bags, a canister of nature- friendly laundry detergent, and a pair of new socks; now I have eight pairs of socks, which means I can make do for about a week and I won’t run out of clean socks before the next laundry turn.

Once back home, I cut the price tag off the socks and put them into my laundry basket, and put the trash bags and the detergent canister into my kitchen drawer.

I took the rest of the stuff bags to a charity shop container. My rough guesstimation is that I have given eight bags of stuff to charity.

Once back home, my Internet connection finally worked. I updated my blogs and enjoyed my time being, until it was five o’clock in the evening and I went to my friend Pinky’s birthday party.
I was the first to arrive there. I gave her a necklace as a birthday present, it has a pendant with a picture of a guinea pig dressed as Dame Edna. She loves the piggies as much as me, I also gave her a birthday card that both Elyseé and Emjuso had signed.
Later the evening about four of her friends came over, I didn’t recognize them from before, but they were all so nice and friendly to me. Later Tintin also came.
We had fun, sang “Happy birthday” to Pinky, ate sweet and savory treats, I worked as a DJ on Pinky’s laptop and played all kinds of funky and punky songs, like Move Your Feet by Junior Senior, and Pretty Fly For a White Guy by Offspring.
Later the evening I had to leave in order to make it home before I have to take my evening medicine; I hugged everyone and told them to take care, and once back home, I called Pinky and told her that I had made it back home safely.
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