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I stayed awake for most of the night, because I simply didn’t feel like sleeping even if I had remembered to take my evening medicine last night.
I watched Clueless and Grease on Netflix, both of them are iconic teen movies from the 90’s and 50’s respectively. I also watched some Doctor Who, all the way to the episode Let’s Kill Hitler.

About at half past two o’clock in the morning, I turned off my laptop and went to sleep. I slept very well, I don’t remember what kind of dreams I had.

I woke up early in the morning, the sun had already risen. My internal clock told me that it was five o’clock, but I didn’t bother looking at the clock on my smartphone.
I had a weird feeling; at the same time I wanted to get up and get going like an early bird, and at the same time I felt like I wanted to snooze in my cozy bed under these toasty blankets.

I went to the bathroom to take my morning medicine, then I went back to bed to sleep a bit more. I would have slept all the way to the evening if I hadn’t set my alarm clock to ring at eleven o’clock in the morning. To be honest, I would have slept all day if it wasn’t for the fact that I had an appointment with my psychologist and that I was going to a restaurant with Mirette.

I got up, dressed up, and then went to the bank to withdraw money.
I went to the dressmaker’s to fetch the dress I had left there for mending, after that I went to the psychiatric clinic.

I asked the receptionist if they had already renewed my Solian prescription, they gave the necessary papers to me and all I needed to do was to take them to the pharmacy.
My psychologist was a fair, lithe woman in her mid- thirties, she seemed like a nice person.
I told her I don’t remember our last meeting, but I don’t have problems with my memory.
She told me she is going to run tests, I told her that when I was in Kellokoski psychiatric hospital during the year 2006, I had to do Rorschach ink blot tests, and even if it was relatively easy and kind of fun, I received a bad review, telling me I have problems with “motivation” and “perception”.
I also told her I used to hate these tests because they made me feel like I was a moron, as if my natural intelligence wasn’t enough.
Nevertheless, I tried to remain as polite and optimistic as I could.
I was given these red and white blocks, they were colored white on two sides, red on another two sides, and half red and white on the rest. I was supposed to look at a picture, and arrange the blocks so it looked exactly like the picture.
During the next task, I was supposed to look at four pictures of different coloured shapes, and the question was “These pictures follow a pattern, which of these four pictures comes next?”
The next task was about numbers; she recited a list of numbers, I was supposed to repeat them, then I was supposed to repeat them backwards, and then I had to put the numbers in proper order; if she said “9- 3- 8- 5”, I was supposed to say “3- 5- 8- 9”.
Then she gave me two words and I was supposed to explain the connection between them; “second” and “litre” were measures, “newspaper” and “television” were a way of delivering information through media.
Then she recited words and I had to explain what they meant, such as “bravery”, “prosaic” and “tangible”.
I thought they were kind of funny and interesting, those tests. I also thought how lucky I am that my nurses and doctors and other people who are responsible for my treatment are such nice and kind and sweet and trustworthy people, unlike the ones before.

After the tests, we made a new appointment on next week’s Thursday.
After the appointment, I went to Citymarket and bought the two products I had reserved yesterday; a pair of pink plaid Reino slippers, and a Familon blanket, both of them are Finnish quality work. I paid for them and also bought some treats like bottled espresso and chocolate bars.

Once back home, I took the slippers out of the shoebox and put them on, they were very nice and comfortable. I also took the Familon blanket out of the plastic zipper bag, it was fluffy and white like a cloud. I washed it in the washing machine, and then took it downstairs to the drying room.

I chilled out for a while, writing my diary and eating treats, and then it was time to leave again. First I went to the social office to drop off my phone bill, then I went to the Myyrmanni pharmacy to leave the prescription form for Solian and the special permission for it, they told me they will order the batch of medicine from the wholesale business and send me a text message once I can come to purchase it.

I took the I train to Helsinki, me and Mirette were going on a lunch to a restaurant named Vapiano. We had agreed to meet in Kiasma, once there we hugged each other and cooed shamelessly.

We went to Vapiano, I got an order of risotto with coconut flakes, asparagus, parmesan cheese, and Mirette got a portion of lasagne.

We had fun time, we took some photos and friendship selfies, and we were given both a handful of Haribo bear candies as dessert. We re- enacted Kama Sutra with the candies and then bit their heads off.

We went to Forum shopping center, I gave some coins to this street artist named Black Superman, who is a black man who dresses into a classic red and blue Superman costume and balances on a rope, I have never seen him fall or even teeter. He always calls me “Super Lady”, this time he gave me a postcard.

We went to Ärrä where I bought a Spotify Premium gift card, and a chocolate Easter egg that I am going to give to Pärkele, I am going to pay him a visit before the Easter holidays.
We also visited BodyShop where I gave a bottle of face wash to recycling. After that we went to Ruohonjuuri, after that I decided to go home.

Mirette walked with me to the train station, we talked about pee and poop and farts and laughed out loud. Once in the station, I gave her a huge, squishy kiss on her cheek and then went aboard the train.

Once back home, I chilled out for a while before it was time to go to the meditation class, I had received a text message from the teacher that the second class would be held today at seven o’clock in the evening.

I decided to take even more useless stuff to the charity shop container, it made me feel very light and easy now that I was free from the material burden.

I took the I train to Helsinki, then the subway to Hakaniemi. Once in the apartment where the class was held, I noticed that there were many new faces, only one person had been in last week’s class along with me.
Jigyasu, the teacher talked a lot about the philosophy of meditation in Navajo and Japanese culture, and how it applies to the theory of evolution as well. Then we meditated, and then Jigyasu wishes us a happy Easter and told us he will send us a text message about when next week’s class will be held.

It was about nine o’clock in the evening, I wondered how fast time goes by, considering that my internal clock felt like it had been only forty- five minutes.
I took the subway to the central railway station, then the bus 411 to Myyrmäki. Once back home, I went to sleep immediately.
Tomorrow I will receive more money, and I will have an appointment with the hairdresser at three o’clock in the afternoon.
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