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Last night I found myself thinking how many movies and TV shows I have added to my own list on Netflix, yet rarely watch them. It’s always the same; so much to do, so little time!

I slept well but I had quite bad dreams. I got up at quarter past seven o’clock in the morning, took my morning medicine and went back to bed, and got up later at eleven o’clock.
I had a wash and dressed up, and started packing my stuff for the overnight visit at my parents’ home. I had asked my parents if I could spend one night there for the sake of Easter, and they both said yes.
I took along my laptop, my filled- up Dosett, USB dongle, my diary, spare clothes, my toothbrush, a clean nightie, smartphone charger and the book Go Ask Alice, and also my ever- so- trustworthy Anna & Elsa backpack with the usual stuff, and my diary of course.

I took the bus 574 to Raappavuori, I made it to my parents’ home just in time for lunch. I had salmon and potatoes, coffee and home- baked buns for dessert.

I plugged in my computer and got my Internet connection working.
I was thinking of watching some Netflix, but instead went for a long walk.

It was quite cold outside, cold enough to make my breath fume, and it was kind of grey outside. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the weather, it was a perfect Going for a Walk on an Easter Holiday weather.

I walked past my old grade school and junior high, they revoked all kinds of bittersweet memories. The junior high school building and the apartment houses surrounding them were closed down for good, because they found out there was mould. Now they are abandoned, with the doors and windows boarded up, and there’s litter and spray- paintings everywhere. It actually looks kind of awesome, post- apocalyptic would be the best word for it.

Once back home, I felt good and fresh after such a long walk, my lungs and brains were full of rich oxygen and my body felt stronger. I felt like I was radiating positive energy.

I brushed my teeth during the afternoon, because I didn’t feel like doing it in the morning. I also noticed that my father has a bottle of alcohol- free Listerine mouthwash, I might buy some for myself.

Suavecita called me, we had a nice talk. We agreed that we are going to go to Horror Shop on Wednesday. I am going to pay Perkele the rest of the partial payment for the piercing rings.

In the evening I took a shower and washed my hair, and went to sleep with my brother’s old bunny plushie cuddled next to me.
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