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Monday, March 28th:

It will be a bank holiday, I won't have anything special to do so I will probably spend the entire day at my parents' home.

Tuesday, March 29th:
The parish will be open from nine to eleven o'clock in the morning, I will go there to ask for assistance so I can purchase a swim hall card and also reload my gym card.
If I receive vouchers for purchasing the aforementioned cards, I will go to the municipal service point to use them.
I will have an appointment at the psychiatric clinic at half past eleven o'clock.
I will go to the swim hall and try to swim for at least 200 meters.

Wednesday, March 30th:
I will receive money. The first thing to do is to order a book written by Michelle, one of my long- time friends. Then I will go to the dressmaker to pick up the blue Dirndl dress.
Me and Suavecita will have a girl's day out, we will visit Horror Shop.

Thursday, March 31st:
I will have an appointment in the social office at ten o'clock in the morning, there will be my social worker and my ASPA worker.
I will have an appointment at the psychiatric clinic at half past noon.
I will go to the gym in the evening.

Friday, April 1st:
I will do my best to avoid pranks, hee hee.
I will change my bed sheets and leave my mattress, blanket and pillow on the balcony for the night, and sleep on the sofa- bed.

Saturday, April 2nd:
I will go to a theater in Helsinki to see a play named One flew over the cuckoo's nest.
I will go to the swim hall in the evening.

Sunday, April 3rd:
I will go visit my parents.


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