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Normally when I write about my daily life, I write every single detail from dusk to dawn, but I haven’t been up to it for a couple of days now, so here goes.

On Saturday I felt drowsy, so I took a two- hour nap and felt like sleeping on a cloud.
After I got up, I noticed that the skin between my nose and upper lip had dried to the point that the skin crackled. I had to pop to the pharmacy to buy Bepanthen.
I went to see my friends Emjuso and Jore, we had a good time.

Today I washed a load of laundry, towels and bed sheets, hoovered the floor, and took out the trash and recyclable waste.
I went to visit my parents today.
Later my friends Emjuso and Jore came to visit me today, we had a good time.
I wrapped up a gift for my friend Michelle. I am going to send her a package; I have already wrapped up the presents, written a letter, put them all into a box and sealed it with tape and written the sender’s and the receiver’s address on it. And I am already planning the next package I am going to send to her 😄
I went to see my parents again and ended up staying late. When I walked home from the bus station, I ran into a friend and their dog. I talked to them for a while and then went home.
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