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Last night I stayed up late, updating my blogs. I slept on the sofa- bed again because I still didn’t feel like taking my mattress outside and dust it, and then dress my bed in clean linen.
I had a dream about this hobby named “geocaching”. I originally learned about it from my best friend Suavecita, she did some of it when she was still dating Jammy. And my friend Norsis had done it as well.
It’s basically that you put nice things into a box and seal it properly, and hide it into a forest or a field, and other people can find it using GPS, and whatever they find, you can keep.
The dream made me think I want to try it in real life.

I got up in the morning, looked at the time on my smartphone, decided it was too early, and went back to sleep.
I got up later, made a few cups of coffee, then I took a shower and washed my hair. It smelled of the Body Shop’s banana- scented hair conditioner for hours after that.

I called my mother and told her I will take my bicycle there so my dad can fix it, mom said it was okay.
I walk- pushed my bicycle to my parents’ home, and met my mother on the way, she was heading out for errands. We hugged each other.

I left my bicycle to the place in the yard where the residents keep their bicycles. I had to visit my parents’ home because I had a terrible need to poop, and then I watched a videotape from my childhood.
I took the bus 571 to Myyrmäki; it was such a lovely warm weather, it was almost like in June, but I was feeling moody and tired after walking such a long walk and fighting with the delusions that usually start bothering me when I am outside the safety of my home and when I am physically exhausted.

Once in Myyrmäki, I went to the stationery shop in Myyrmanni shopping center and bought two Mother’s day cards; yes, they’re on sale already. I decided to buy two before the best ones would be gone. One is for my mother, and another is for my grandmother.

I went home, ironed two hand towels and two Dirndl dresses, the blue embroidered one and the pink with blue flowers. Then I went to Myyrmanni and visited Citymarket to buy two bars of Marabou Japp chocolate, and two bottles of Frezza Mocca espresso.

I took the P train to Helsinki, once there I took a subway to Kamppi and went to Ruohonjuuri. I bought a canister of laundry detergent, a tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a tube of face wash.

I took the bus 411 to Myyrmäki, on my way there I called my grandmother. We agreed that I am going to travel to Kangasala on April 22nd which is Friday, and I will leave on April 31st which is the following week’s Saturday. I also told my grandmother about the Mother’s day card, she asked me to take it along when I travel there so I won’t have to spend money on a stamp. Bless her.

I also called my friend Elyseé, we agreed that we will spend the first of May together. Normally I would have spent it at my grandmother’s, but I decided that just for Elyseé’s sake, I am going to spend it with her. We will go to the Mayday march, and if the weather is favourable, we will probably go for a picnic with Suavecita.

Once back in Myyrmäki, I went home and put my stuffs to their rightful places. I went outside to sit on a bench and write into my diary, after a while I was off again.

I went to Citymarket and bought a pink and white Finlayson face towel with a picture of the Moomin character Snork Maiden on it, I also bought three sets of those stickers that you stick on gift packages and write the receiver’s name on it.

I went to Life, a health shop, and bought a lip balm made of beeswax. I use three lip balms, I have one in my bathroom cabinet, one in my bedside table drawer, and one in my cosmetics purse. I have to buy more of them, because I prefer keeping hygiene products stocked up in case I run out of them.

I visited Tokmanni and checked the price of the brassieres that I usually wear, I was glad to notice that they cost less than I feared, tee hee. I also spotted an amazing pair of pyjama pants, they’re grey with a pattern of kiwifruits cut in half. I am going to buy them later.

I went to Citymarket again, this time I bought a set of three dust bags. I’m glad they’re made of some sort of microfiber, not paper, because they might tear too easily.

I went back home and put my stuffs to their rightful places. I put the dust bag into the hoover and hoovered my floor, then I took my carpet out to dust it.
I was supposed to take the mattress out as well, but it was getting too late and I didn’t want to disturb my neighbours.

In the evening, I had a proper wash; I used an interdental brush to clean the spaces between my teeth, then I brushed my teeth, then I used mouthwash, then I washed my face with cleansing milk, then I dabbed Nivea Crème on it, then I dabbed Bepanthen on my lips and the skin between my upper lip and nose, then I rubbed basic lotion on my body and put on a clean nightie. I also kept washing my hands between those tasks.

I slept on the sofa- bed again, or actually sat on the sofa- bed under my blanket, tapping away on my laptop. About at two o’clock in the morning I remembered that I had forgotten to take my evening medicine. D'oh!
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