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Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

💐 I have been planning to go for a “spring visit” to my grandmother’s in Kangasala this month; I am planning on staying from April 22nd to April 29th.
I am planning the “summer visit” on Midsummer, which is another boozing holiday in Finland. I usually visit her during each season except winter, because the winters are bitterly cold up there.

🌻 For the past five years, I have had a terrible eczema on my right wrist. I don’t know what caused it, but I got my doctor to prescribe me a steroid lotion named Apolar. I have dabbed it on the eczema once a day for a week now, and what do you know, it has cured it; there’s only a few pinkish spots left. Here’s to hoping it will be cured completely, and not appear again as it has done before.

🌺 Now I think I should visit my doctor again and prescribe some treatment for my scalp; it has been itching terribly for about half a year by now, and my hairdresser commented that it’s turned red and scabby. Prescribed treatments usually work better, and besides I get discount for my prescription medicines.

🌸 Now that it’s spring, I need to get my ever so trustworthy bicycle working again. It needs its annual tune- up, and the back tire is flat again even if I have pumped it full of air every once in a while during the late winter.
My dad said he can tune it up and fix the back tire, which is awesome because the local bike shop has a waiting list for two months and besides it would cost almost a hundred euros to have it tuned up and the tires fixed.

🌹I learned today that I already own a membership card to the swim hall at the local municipally owned fitness center, but I need to load it.
As I live on disability allowance, I can get a year- long membership for 50 euros. I have decided to ask the local parish to help me on that, and I can always rely on my mother.

🍁 I should also get my gym membership card reloaded. I have been planning to load 25 individual visits to my card, if I go to the gym every fourth day, which is my plan, I will use them up in about three months. That’s why I would rather get a five- month- long membership, it costs more but it’s worth it.

🐠 I noticed that a clothing & jewellery & accessory shop named Gina Tricot sells birthstone & initial letter bracelets. Now I want to buy them for each one of my friends ^_^
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