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Today I visited Amazon.com to look for a copy of the books Stargirl and Love, Stargirl by the novelist Jerry Spinelli. I wanted to order them and send them to my sweet friend Schlitzie, I have recommended the books for her.

I ordered the books from CDON, and also found out that there are different translations of the book series and they have amazing covers, so I compiled a list of them.

 photo stargirlaudio_zps0czvbplg.jpg

 photo tumblr_o4g53hhHRl1uknlkro10_400_zpselxypma7.jpg

 photo tumblr_o4g53hhHRl1uknlkro7_400_zpshr1gmcmc.jpg

 photo tumblr_o4g53hhHRl1uknlkro8_400_zpstugqbjko.jpg

 photo tumblr_o4g53hhHRl1uknlkro9_400_zpszitsurfu.jpg

 photo tumblr_o4g53hhHRl1uknlkro2_400_zpslt581bjd.jpg

 photo tumblr_o4g53hhHRl1uknlkro4_400_zpsgjrwzofu.jpg

 photo tumblr_o4g53hhHRl1uknlkro6_400_zpsnmhu4jxd.jpg

 photo stargirllovejapan_zpsol1unor3.jpg

 photo stargirljapan_zpsaf87rq7l.jpg

 photo stargirllovegerman_zpsa8b6zwia.jpg

 photo stargirlitaly_zpsj4rfvovh.jpg

 photo stargirllove_zpsjrsihxqr.jpg

 photo stargirlgerman_zpsdraun6tr.jpg

 photo signestargril_zpspkd4pbjl.jpg

 photo stargirlchinese_zpsz37gzbfd.jpg

 photo lovestargirl_zpso3otk28q.jpg

 photo lovestargirlgerman_zpscry0f8ut.jpg
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