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Last night I came home quite late, but I still had the energy to have a proper wash and putter around my home.

I slept on the sofa- bed again, I still didn’t feel like taking the mattress out for dusting and I don’t think I will take it out this evening, it’s already past nine o’clock in the evening here in Finland, and I don’t think I should disturb my neighbors by making too much noise. Perhaps tomorrow.

I slept quite well, and I had a dream about a pleasantly weird colorful town. I have had the same dream many times before, it’s always a good dream.
I also dreamed about the summer cottage again; it felt so real, I felt like I have finally made it there, but then I realized it was only a dream.

I got up about at half past one o’clock in the afternoon, had a proper wash minus brushing my teeth; I didn’t want to leave my flu bugs into my toothbrush.
I still cough a little, I have to blow my nose a dozen times a day, and it gets worse when I go outside, even for small errands, but I know it gets better soon.

I put on the first dress I found from my closet, it was alright but I can’t shake the feeling that I should buy more clothes in order to fix my problem about having tons of awesome clothes and still having nothing to wear, ha ha.

I went to see my parents right away. I took the bus 571 to Raappavuori and tried to call my mother on the way, but she didn’t answer.

It had rained during the night, and I was happy about it; at least it didn’t snow, and at least the air would be cleared of the dust and of course, April showers bring May flowers.
Once in my parents’ home, dad was there and mom was grocery shopping. She brought cinnamon rolls and chocolate waffles and a pound of coffee grounds, saying that she knew I would like them. Bless her.

I stayed for most of the day, as usual on Sundays. When my parents went out for errands, I took a long nap on my old bed in my old room, and felt relaxed and energetic after getting up.

Suavecita called me, we had a nice talk about all kinds of things, joked and laughed, and agreed that Elisa might come to Heidi’s Mayday party as well. It’s nice to introduce friends to other friends.

Later the day after my parents came home, I decided to leave. I kissed and hugged them both and told them to take care.

I walked to the Martinlaakso train station and took the I train to Myyrmäki. I visited a few shops before the shopping center was closed, after that I went home.

I went to the drying room to fetch the laundry, folded them and put them into my bureau drawer, took one empty and one filled- up diary to the storage room, took the mattress from the balcony and dusted the pillow and blanket, re- arranged my kitchen cupboards, wiped the coffee stains off my kitchen counter and writing desk, rolled up the carpet and took it to the balcony, took out the trash and also threw away my old chair because it has been on the brink of breaking down right under my butt for about two months now.
I also left the balcony door and kitchen window open to let fresh air in, picked the biggest dust bunnies off my floor, scrubbed the toilet bowl…

I realized that the milk in the fridge had gone sour, and the all the shops nearby were closed, so I had to go to the only grocery shop that was open at that time. I took the bus 571 to Martinlaakso, and went to the old mini- mall and visited Alepa to buy milk.

I walked to the Martinlaakso bus station and took the bus 571 to Myyrmäki. Once home, it was getting late so I took my evening medicine and went to bed.
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