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I haven’t updated for a while; even if I have felt like updating many times, but despite my impressive writing skills I don’t always know how to put my feelings into words.

As I mentioned earlier, I had spent the weekend at my grandmother’s in Kangasala. She will turn 80 years this year, but she is doing fine even if she’s a bit ill and tired; she still managed to tell me jokes and teach me songs.
On Saturday I had had a splitting headache ever since I got up from the bed, so I went for a walk to get some exercise and fresh air. I also visited the library to lend the same book I always read when visiting my grandmother.
Me and grandmother went to sauna, and she made me pancakes. I was really happy.

On Sunday I went back home, I also went to see my parents. After that I went to visit the Fitness24Seven gym, but I didn’t feel like staying, it was getting late and I already felt tired.
It was a miserable weather all day, cold and rainy.

On Monday I slept very late, and I didn’t do much during day- time. I wanted to go to Girls’ House but once I made it to Helsinki, it was already closed.

On Tuesday I slept all the way to two o’clock in the afternoon, and went to see my mother. I felt strangely happy about going to visit her, and she was happy to see me, as well.

On Wednesday I received money, I used it to buy groceries; bread, milk, vegetables, fruits, stuff like that, and it swallowed up almost all the money I had, almost 60 euros. I really don’t understand why I spent it all on food, I already eat so little, and besides, I could have spent it on something else.

I hauled the grocery bags home, and felt a bit down in the dumps. I put the groceries into their rightful places, then I went for an urbane adventure, and then I went to visit my parents.

Mom and dad were both home. I had some snack, emptied and loaded the dishwasher, and when mom and I left at the same time, I took out the biological waste. I love helping mom with housework.

I decided to walk to Myyrmäki, it was such a lovely sunshine. And once I made it home, what do you know, I was in a very happy mood when usually when I am physically exhausted, I get moody and delusional. But not always, it kind of depends on different issues.

In the evening I managed to have a proper wash, and also wash my hair.

I have decided that this spring I am going to have a complete makeover on my lifestyle; I am going to ride my bicycle or take walks as often as possible, go to the gym and swim hall, eat less treats (meaning that I won’t eat two bars of Marabou chocolate each day) and if I feel the munchies, I could eat dark grapes or cashew nuts, depending if I feel a craving for something sweet or savory.
Next month I am going to visit my doctor to find a cure to the eczema on my scalp. After it’s healed, I will go to a beautician in Helsinki to have my scalp and shoulders massaged, and on May 20th I am going to have the manicure & pedicure at the local beautician; I was supposed to have it this month, but I had to re- consider my finances.
I am also trying to lose a bit of my weight, about six kilograms, by exercising more and eating less treats. Wish me luck.
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