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When it was still dusky outside, I woke up when I heard a sound of glass breaking in the apartment next door, and then I heard a woman yell “look what you did” to someone, and then “fucking faggot” many times.

I had a dream that reflected the happiest memories of my life, everything that’s good in my life, but then it turned into an erotic nightmare.

When I got up, I noticed it was only half past ten o’clock in the morning (10:30 am), I was amazed I managed to get up so early.

I took my morning medicine, had a wash and dressed into a striped blouse and a brown, embroidered Dirndl dress.

I went to Citymarket to do some last- minute shopping; I think it’s awesome that the aforementioned supermarket is open each day of the year in Myyrmanni shopping center.
I took the trash to recycling. I spent the noon listening to music, I have started liking Guns ‘n Roses.

Later the day my friends came to the Mayday party; Pinky, Outikka, Suavecita, Eleclya, Mirette, and Lauski. Outikka also brought their dog, bichon havanese named Kaapo.
We ate party treats, snapped photos, played “spin the bottle”, cuddled with Kaapo, listened to music on Spotify, and laughed ourselves silly. We had a good time, and the sun shone and it was warm outside.

I gave Mirette my old cat ear hoodie, I haven’t been wearing it for a while because I already have my Criminal Damage X hoodie.

After the guests left, I put my home back in order. Then it was time to take my evening medicine and wash the dishes; I have taken up the habit of washing the dishes, no matter how small amount there is, every evening before bedtime.

Tomorrow I will have an appointment with my own nurse at the psychiatric center at two o’clock in the afternoon (2:00 pm). I will also go to the gym.
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