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I got up about at half past eleven o’clock in the morning (11:30 am), and felt exhilarated when I remembered that I still have one and half packages of cookies in my pantry; soft cakes with raspberry jelly filling, coated with chocolate.

I had a proper wash and put on clothes, a button- up romper with pink and dark pink stripes, but later the day I changed it into a purple and orange striped blouse with a purple button- up Dirndl dress with white flowers that were as small as pinpricks. I was going to visit my mother today and knew that they wouldn’t exactly be happy if I was wearing a pink romper.
To my chagrin, I noticed that the bodice of my dress has grown tight, even if it used to fit me perfectly ever since I purchased it.
I have made the decision to shed 20 kilograms/45 pounds of my weight over the year. I will simply eat healthily and exercise more, but I am afraid I will get an eating disorder. Here’s to hoping that I won’t.

I sent my mother a text message and told them that I am coming over, they answered that they are visiting my grandmother.
I rode my bicycle to my parents’ house, on the way there I was in a terribly angry mood because it was about 20 Celsius/68 Fahrenheit outside, and I was wearing a scarf and a hoodie so I was uncomfortable. My period is due in a week, so I have a horrid PMS.

Once in my parents’ home, the back of my dress was soaking wet with sweat, and I practically felt the droplets of sweat run down my face and neck. I was having a hard time catching my breath.
I ate a tomato and watched some VHS tapes.
Pinky called me and asked me if I wanted to hang out with them, so I hopped onto my bicycle and rode to Myyrmäki.
We met in Myyrmanni shopping center, and hung out together. I went to Hennes & Mauritz and bought a simple black mini- dress.
We went to Bella’s, where I bought a knitted dress and a tank top.
We went out for ice cream, and then we had to leave.
I went home and put my new belongings to their rightful places, and then I went out again.

Me and Elyseé had agreed to meet again today, we would go to the youth group in Myöhätuuli together.
We met in the library, then we took a bus to Myöhätuuli. There were two counsellors and two visitors along with us. We had a good time, talking about things and stuff, Elyseé drew pictures and I wrote into my diary.

Later the day we took a bus to Helsinki and then a subway to Kamppi, we hugged and told each other to take care.

I went to Marimekko in Kamppi shopping center and bought a pair of new socks, dark purple and light pink striped. Then I went to Ruohonjuuri and bought a canister of unscented laundry detergent, a bar of soap, a toothbrush, and a tube of toothpaste.

I also visited the thrift store on Freda, and bought a dress and overalls.

I took a train back to Myyrmäki, once home I managed to wash a load of laundry. I knew I couldn’t manage having a wash or doing housework, it was getting too late and I was feeling tired.

I felt a terrible craving for something savoury, so I ate about ten sandwiches, believe it or not. I immediately felt guilty about it, I had promised to lose weight.
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