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It’s been only a few days ever since I last updated, and it feels like two weeks. Fortunately life has been treating me well and I am still cute, uwu
It’s just that I don’t always find enough time and motivation to updating both my English and Finnish journals along with my real- life paper diary, now that I have got all these projects on the way. And usually I update in the evenings when the day’s hustle and bustle is done, and that’s when I start feeling tired and angsty and completely lose my interest to writing a decent journal entry.

I mailed a package to my long- time friend Michi a while ago, here’s to hoping they will like it.

I got my sweet- ass Skullcandy headphones in the mail a while ago, yesterday when I came home from another Helsinki adventure I used them while listening to the Ramones song “Sheena is a punk rocker”. I also listened to the punky playlist I composed for my novel “Wild Roses”.

My hair has grown longer, it reaches the root of my neck by now. I am going to grow it even longer and start wearing it on different kind of braids.

I ordered a steam cleaner from CDON a while ago, and haven’t received it yet. I ordered the Skullcandy headphones later, and they arrived in time. I guess it’s a big package and the postal service in Finland is a bit screwed up right now, so I guess it takes a while to arrive. But when it does, I will have a proper spring cleaning in my home.

As for today, I had a dream where I still went to high school even if I had already finished it. It was an unhappy dream, as those dreams usually are.

After I woke up and decided not to have weird- ass dreams anymore, I felt downright sucky, I was covered in sticky sweat and my muscles felt stiff.
I got up, took my morning medicine, dressed up, washed the crusty sleep off my eyes and dabbed Nivea Creme on it, and went to see my mom.

Outside the temperature was hot as tits, I decided to take an air- conditioned bus to my parents’ home. I didn’t feel like walking or riding my bicycle, even if I had just decided to exercise more. I hope the temperature cools down soon.

Mom had just arrived home from grocery shopping when I came in, we had coffee and slices of the Mother’s day cake, it was lemon crème with a cookie crumb base. It was delicious.
Mom had received the Mother’s day card I sent her, and she had liked it.

Oh, forgot to mention, me and my mother were going to this pesky meeting in the psychiatric center today. There were going to be the doctor, nurse, social worker, occupational therapist, psychotherapist, ASPA worker and a nurse student, and my mom and me.

What do you know, my mom only cried a little, and mostly the things they said about me were positive.

After the meeting me and mom went to Wayne’s Coffee, I got a cup of cocoa with marshmallows. After that she left, and I went to a few shops and the local art museum.
I got the bus to Myöhätuuli and went to the youth group, once there I was the first visitor. I updated my journals on their common computer and did some crosswords, we had a good time.

Once back home, I wrote a bit into my diary and planned today’s journal entry, and then I went to the gym.

I had agreed to do some simple stretches before exercising, but I remembered it right after I had walked half an hour on the treadmill.
I used the exercise machines, and I actually felt very fresh and energetic after using them. I felt like I was very light on my feet.

Once back home, I took off all my clothes and brushed my hair, and drank lots of water. I felt good. I have decided to keep on exercising regularly, in order to take care of both my mental and physical health.
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