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I slept pretty well, and I woke up about at half past six o’clock in the morning, three hours before my alarm clock was supposed to ring. I was already wide awake but didn’t feel like getting up since I didn’t have a hurry, and besides I was having such sweet dreams. And besides, I would only feel bored if I got up so early.

When my alarm clock finally rang and I had to get up, I snoozed for about half an hour but later I still managed to get my feet on the floor, take my morning medicine, have a wash, and dress up.

I had an appointment with my doctor at the health center at half past ten o’clock in the morning. I complained about the eczema on my scalp and the chapped corners of my mouth, and the skin between my nose and upper lip is chapped to the point of bleeding. And also, the eczema on my right wrist has returned.
The doctor wrote a prescription for lotions, and I also asked him to write a prescription for some kind of greasier basic lotion, because Aqualan L is too light for my problematic skin.

After the appointment, I went to see my mother. I took a bus to my parents’ home, once there mother paid the bill I had received when the repairer came to my home to fix my Internet connection and upgrade my virus protection. It cost 91 euros, and that’s too much for my budget.

We made Greek salad for lunch together, mom also made me scrambled eggs. We drank coffee, then I left and walked to the bus station and caught a bus to Myyrmäki. I went to the shopping center to hang around, and then I went home.

I managed to wash a load of laundry, iron a dress, and wash the dishes. I fetched my towels and bed linen I had washed last weekend from the drying room downstairs, and I folded them and put them into the bureau drawer.

Then it was time to go out for errands; I mailed three birthday cards, and took a bill to the social office.

I went to the shopping center and the library to hang around until it was time to go to Myöhätuuli.
There were only four of us including me. We just chitchatted, listened to music, drank coffee and ate cinnamon rolls. Suavecita called me and we made plans for the summer; we are going to attend Helsinki Pride, the gay pride happening in the metropolitan area of Finland. We and also have this little discreet party where we bring our old clothes and purses and figurines and stuff and exchange them between us, while drinking coffee and chitchatting.

There was a small free-of-charge thrift store in Myöhätuuli, you could pick up other people’s old clothes and bring your own old stuff. I found an amazing suit jacket, brown corduroy, it looks something like the 10th or 11th Doctor Who would wear.
I might put a couple of badges, canvas patches, and safety pins in it, so it would look amazingly bohemian.

In the evening when Myöhätuuli was about to be closed, I walked a long way to Martinlaakso and caught a bus to Myyrmäki.
I went straight home, sent a few text messages and made a few phone calls.

In the evening, after taking my medicine, I managed to have a proper wash and take a shower, and also exercise a little. I just did some simple stretches and also exercised my feet, but I forgot to do the face muscle exercises and wash the dishes. Oh well, I forgave myself because you can never succeed completely.

Tomorrow I will receive money. The first thing to do is to pay a debt to Suavecita after they paid for my sushi buffet, and then I need to go withdraw the money and pick up my mended dress from the dressmaker’s and bring another dress there.
I should also visit the pharmacy to pick up my prescription lotions, fortunately I get discount for prescribed medicines.
I will also buy a sufficient amount of groceries, and I am also in a desperate need of new underwear; ankle socks, brassieres, tights, and underpants.

I have decided to dedicate this spring and summer to renewing myself; on Friday I will go to a beautician to have a manicure and a pedicure. After my scalp is healthy enough, I will go to another beautician named Za Za to have my shoulders and head massaged, and I will continue going to the gym and natatorium and take better care of my physical health. It will also affect my mental health positively.
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