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I didn’t get much sleep during the night, as usual after the days when I receive money I am in such a happy and jazzy and fizzy and peppy mood that I won’t come down in hours because I have had such an eventful day and plenty of stuff to do!

I didn’t feel like taking sleeping pills, they always give me the most horrid cramps in my legs and that won’t help me sleep at all. Instead, I watched the Doctor Who Xmas special The Snowmen on Netflix, got the most horrid in in my hands from writing yesterday’s entry into my diary, re- arranged my closet, looked for stuff I could give away to charity, and watched the Doctor Who episode Planet of the Dead on the DVD I had borrowed from the library.
I also managed to wash the dishes and iron a pillowcase and two Dirndl dresses, and went downstairs to the storage room to sort out my collection of notebooks.

To be honest, I am glad I managed to do plenty of useful stuff. I won’t even miss sleep that way, because I will have plenty of time to sleep later.

About at three o’clock in the morning I took a shower and washed my hair, I rubbed Aqualan onto my face, Aqualan Plus on my body, Apolar into the chapped area between my nose and upper lip, and Bemetson into my wrist eczema. I also rubbed the Bemetson emulsion into the eczema on my scalp. Gee, it’s hard to keep track of all these prescribed lotions I have to use, but of course, they’re meant to make my skin healthy.

I decided to go for an urbane adventure just to kill time. I caught the bus %&= to Flux Island, and then I took a subway to Kaisa Cape, and then I walked to the harbour. I was so thirsty that I considered drinking water from the Havis Amanda fountain.

I sat by the sea, writing into my diary. Then I walked to Barrack Market, and then I walked to the city center and caught the Ring Rail Line train.

Fortunately there was a toilet in the train, I took a dump so impressive that I missed Myyr York and travelled all the way to Stick City. Now that I was there, I went to the Clubhouse, a hang- out for MCP, mentally challenged people.
I was told that I should book myself an appointment for a introduction, so I agreed on Tuesday, May 24th at half past one o’clock in the afternoon. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t allowed to stay.

I took the bus %/! to Myyr York, once home I had to take another dump and plug my smartphone to the charger.
I did some errands on my laptop, smartphone, and wall calendar.

Later the day I was supposed to go to the ASPA hobby group, I caught the bus %/! to Stick Town because, well, it left earlier and took a full hour to arrive there. That way I managed to spend an hour outside my home, because I was already feeling bored.

During the group we played some songs on iTunes and graded them, my song of choice was The Beer by Kimya Dawson. I received the worst scores, as usual, but I wasn’t the tiniest bit bothered or offended.
I ate lots of popcorn and drank plenty of coffee.

I felt the effect of staying awake for thirty hours; I felt like I was many moods at once, tranquil, frustrated, sociable, sardonic…
I managed to hide it, and actually be sociable despite that reality through my eyes started to look like an episode of Homestuck.

After the hobby group I took the bus %&” to Mellu’s Hill and then a subway to Pasture Cape and went to Girls’ House.
I drank two mugs of cocoa and wrote into my diary, and I was given two pieces of candy.

I took a subway to Kaisa Cape and went to a sewing equipment shop named Eurokangas to look for black lace cloth, and I found some nice and pretty ones.
I also found the most amazing kind of cloth, black corduroy with realistic- looking yellow- and- red roses with green stems. I decided that I am going to buy some of it and ask the local dressmaker to sew a pinafore out of it for me. I also found a piece of pink fleece with hearts of all colours, I am going to buy it and turn it into a counterpane.

I took the train to Myyr York, once home I went straight back to sleep. ZZZZzzzzz
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