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I haven’t updated for a while again. I feel as if I am sort of alienated from my journals, which is really sad because after all, my blog is my lifeline.

Anyway, here goes.

I stayed awake during the night between Friday and Saturday, I guess the reason behind it was drinking too much coffee. I watched some Doctor Who episodes and Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome, and did some random odd jobs around my home.
I managed to read half of the book Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger. I also knitted a bit of the Mother Teresa quilt. At some point I should also start knitting the “4th Doctor” scarf.
On Saturday I went to this festival named “Maailma Kylässä – World Village” in Helsinki with my friends Suavecita and Eleclya. It was a bit chilly and grey day, but at least I didn’t get sunburned like two years before.
The festival is about multiculturalism, democracy, human rights, ethnicity, and all that. There were bands playing, and lots of stands selling ethnic food, jewellery, pin badges, and stuff.
We had lots of fun together but I started feeling anxious, there were so many visitors that I could barely move around without bumping into someone.

Once back home, I took a long nap and in the evening I went bicycling. It made me feel good and refreshed and energetic, and when I rode my bicycle nearby my old high school, it made me feel nostalgic.

On Sunday I felt so miserable that I just slept all day, marinating in my own misery.
On Monday I managed to take a shower and do a lot of housework; I hoovered the floor and took my carpet and mattress out and dusted them, and dressed my bed in clean linen.
I felt strangely depressed, I don’t know why because my day wasn’t exactly bad. You just cannot know about the way my feelings go, anyway the wind blows.
When I went to bed, I found myself wishing that tomorrow I might manage to get up early and do plenty of housework, and that tomorrow would be a better day.

On Tuesday morning I found myself having plenty of dreams before getting up.
In one dream, I was a Time Lady from Gallifrey and I told others about my great legendary escape from a mental hospital: first a half- an- hour ride in a Greyhound bus, then a walk through a forest, then breaking into an old abandoned farmhouse. The dreams got so warped that they turned into erotic nightmares, I found myself feeling embarrassed when I woke up. I wonder why I have such vivid dreams about sex, considering that I am an asexual.
I also had a nightmare about the Weeping Angels. I also had another dream about the summer cottage, and this time it felt so real as those dreams usually do. In that dream my grandfather was alive.
My smartphone was recharging on my nightstand, between the dreams I kept on waking up and checking the clock. It was really frustrating to see that it was still very early.
I slept later and then I got up, and managed to do all the morning routines; take my morning medicine, floss and brush my teeth and use mouthwash, wash my face and shower my underbelly and dab lotion on my skin, and put on clean clothes. This time I wore a pair of purple Daisy Duck pyjama pants and a black long- sleeved blouse with a pattern of red and green cherries.
I also had breakfast, oatmeal porridge with pumpkin-, flax- and sunflower seeds, topped with organic honey, and a glass of milk.

On Fridays I usually go see my mother, so I rode my bicycle to my parents’ home. The weather was hot and humid, combined with the physical exertion it made me feel moody, but once in my parents’ home I felt a lot better.
Mom made lunch and coffee, I watched old videotapes and wrote into my diary.

I rode my bicycle back to Myyrmäki, once back home I did some random odd jobs around my home. I managed to wash a huge load of dishes and iron three of my Dirndl dresses, and I was actually proud of myself, I had managed to do plenty of things today.

I went to hang around in Myyrmanni shopping center, planning this week’s shopping list and how can I afford everything with my meagre budget.

Since it was about to be four o’clock in the afternoon (4:00 p.m.), I decided to take the bus to Myöhätuuli. I had planned riding my bicycle, but as I was already out I took the bus.

Once in Myöhätuuli, there were the usual visitors. I surfed on the Internet on the common computer, drank cocoa and coffee, ate a couple of slices of bun loaf, wrote into my diary, and later the day we went to the shore by the pond to sit around, throw a Frisbee, stuff like that. I sat under the birch tree, there was a wooden picnic table where someone had scribbled “Meat is murder” and “Anarchy rules OK”.

Later the day I left and took a bus to Helsinki. I had a terrible need to pee, so I went to Sokos shopping center because it has a free- of- charge customer bathroom.
I visited a few shops looking for stuff I could buy tomorrow, then I took a bus to Myyrmäki and called my best friend Suavecita on the way, we had a nice talk.

Once back home, I was so thirsty I drank three glasses of water in one sitting, and took my evening medicine. I noticed that I was running out of Ketipinor and Cipralex, I will call the psychiatric policlinic tomorrow and ask them to renew the prescriptions.

Tomorrow I will receive money, and this time I won’t spend it on iced espressos, chocolate bars, birthstone jewellery, or other stuff.
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