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🌬 I have fallen in love with the song ”Life On Mars” by David Bowie.

🕊 Speaking of songs, I had a dream where I sang the Jefferson Airplane song ”White Rabbit”, verbatim. I have the same dream very often.

🐔 As I mentioned earlier, I received a ”Sherlocket” in the mail from a friend. They make these BBC Sherlock lockets with charms referring to the show, such as a bumblebee (because in the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle canon, Sherlock became a beekeeper after he became a pensioner), an apple with the letters IOU (referring to the scene where Jim Moriarty visits Baker Street), a crown (referring to the scene where Moriarty wears a crown), a violin (Sherlock plays violin as a hobby), and you can also get your own birthstone and initial pendant. I commissioned another two for two of my friends, Loki and Trauma, who are also Sherlockians. 

🐦 Today I took a while to sit in the yard beside the apartment building where I live, and I felt like I have finally realized that summer has begun. Despite that May is actually the last month of spring, it has felt like summer.

🐤 I finished knitting the third square into the Mother Teresa quilt, and started on another. The yarn has all the colours of the rainbow in pastel. I still have some balls of yarn left after I started on my knitting project that is more like a pastime, so I shall make some squares out of them.

🐣 I love my mother so much, even if she doesn’t always understand my bohemian attitude. I hope she will be proud of me, no matter what I will do in life.
🐥 I wish I could learn to take better care of my hygiene. I remember, but I don’t always have enough motivation, to floss and brush my teeth and use mouthwash every morning and evening, and wash my face and anoint my skin with all the different lotions I have been prescribed by the dermatologist.
I wish I could also remember to exercise a lot and eat healthily.
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