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I had a dream where I was friends with a young woman who lived in a hippie commune in a town that reminded me of Tampere. The woman had accidentally become pregnant and was going to keep the baby and live as a single mother, and two men who lived in the commune made fun of her in a degrading way and judged her for it, calling her a slut, and I stood up for her, tooth and nail. I remember telling them that it’s no use calling a single mother a slut when men practically have sex with everything that moves.

I thought I had slept all the way to noon, but it was not even nine o’clock in the morning when I got up.
The first thought I had was that I was sad that there wasn’t a single crumb of chocolate in my home, it is the only thing that keeps me a- going along with coffee. And as a cherry on top of this sundae of misery, I was out of coffee filters. I had coffee grounds, milk and sugar, but no filters.
I went to the bathroom to take my morning medicine, changed my nightie into a bathrobe, and went back to bed.

Later the day I managed to haul myself out of bed and put on some “decent” clothes. I was feeling a bit grungy, so I put on my Bart Simpson pyjama pants and a puke- green shirt.

I went to Myyrmanni shopping center to return my iced espresso bottles and made fifty cents.

Once back home, I swallowed my pride and went next door to ask if they can borrow me coffee filters. And what do you know, the neighbour turned out to be a gentle old lady, who gave me a whole box of filters saying that they are the wrong size, too small for her coffee maker. She was so sweet to me, it made me feel so happy.

I don’t know much about my neighbours except that they’re most middle- aged and older, and actually very nice people. Most of the apartments in this building are owned privately, mine is owned by the group named ASPA (ASumisPAlvelu, “habitation service”) that rents apartments to mentally challenged people and also offer them help, like hobby groups, helplines to call, and also weekly check- up visits.

Once back to my own apartment, I made coffee, listened to music on Spotify, and knitted. At some point I should also do housework; take out the recycling, and also take the carpet and the sofa- bed mattress out to dust them.

I spent most of the day at home, this time I didn’t feel the urbane wanderlust. Now I actually feel surprised about it, that I was happy just drinking coffee and knitting and reading the original stories about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Tomorrow me and my friend Emjuso will go to this open- air concert named Louhela Jam. After that, I will probably finish the housework.
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