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I got up very early in the morning, about at three o’clock (3:00 a.m.), because I simply didn’t feel like sleeping anymore now that I was already wide awake.

I took my morning medicine and changed my nightie into a bathrobe, and drank a cup of coffee.

Fortunately I managed to have a proper wash; floss and brush my teeth, use mouthwash, wash my face and put lotion on it, shower my underbelly, put lotion on my body, and dress into clean clothes. This time I wore a sunflower- yellow cotton blouse with a lemon- yellow sleeveless maxi- dress on it.

I also dabbed some of the cortisone emulsion on my scalp, I don’t know if the eczema has already healed but sometimes my scalp still itches a lot. Most of the emulsion was dabbed into my hair, but I don’t feel like cutting my gorgeous hair off again simply because of treating the eczema.

I made myself breakfast, a bowl of oatmeal with different kind of seeds, topped with organic honey, two satsumas, and a glass of milk.

I also stretched and exercised my feet, and did the facial muscle exercises, I also tried to do some yoga but it proved to be a bit painful, especially the “upward dog” asana.

Soon I felt bored enough so I decided to do my least favourite pastime, that is, wash the dishes.
I don’t know what makes washing the dishes so boring and annoying, I don’t feel the same way about hoovering or tidying up the bathroom, I actually enjoy doing them both.
At least I got to wear my new elbow- length rubber gloves that have a pink rose- pattern, and the best thing is that when the sink is finally empty, I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it was finally done.

It is ever so annoying to be awake so early that you cannot do practically anything without disturbing the neighbours. Of course, it does not stop actually stop me from disturbing the neighbours, but out of respectfulness and kindness, I don’t want to disturb them.

I took out the trash when it was about half past eight o’clock. There were some people walking their dogs, and the crisp morning air felt breezy and silky smooth on my face.

I spent most of the morning knitting and surfing on the Internet, and I also managed to clean my bathroom.

At ten o’clock in the morning, I went to the natatorium which was recently opened.
I managed to swim 100 meters, and then I lost my interest because the pool was full of swimmers and I didn’t have much room to splash around.

I went to the sauna and managed to spend a quarter of an hour there, chatting with the other ladies, and then I decided to leave.

I went to Citymarket and bought a bottle of organic wheat protein shampoo, two big cartons of milk, and a box of butter.

Once back home, I put the groceries to their rightful places, and continued knitting and blogging.

Later the day my friends Tintin, Emjuso, and her boyfriend Jore came to visit me. We had a good time, talking and laughing and drinking coffee. I gave Tintin a pair of my old shoes, or actually they were brand new but what do you know, they didn’t fit me even if they were European size 40 when I ordered them from an online shop.

Later the day Jore gave me and Emjuso a ride in their car to the latter’s apartment, Tintin went to their home. Once in Emjuso’s home, we ate smoky bacon flavoured crisps and talked about stuffs and listened to music.

I took a train back to Myyrmäki, once back home I microwaved myself a portion of vegetable lasagne that Tintin had left in my apartment, they had told me that I am allowed to eat it.

Tomorrow my ASPA worker will visit me at half past two o’clock in the afternoon (2:30 p.m.). After that, I will probably go Amos Anderson art museum, after all it’s the only art museum in the metropolitan area that is open on Mondays.
I also need to finish the rest of the housework; wash a load of laundry, and take the carpet and sofa- bed mattress outside to dust them.
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