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Last night I dreamed about being a companion to the 10th Doctor. Along with the fourth, he’s my favourite Doctor, because he’s so sweet and gentle.
I also had dreams about running through the streets of Helsinki at sundown, and without any fear. I wish I could do that in real life.
I dreamed about the Stephen King book Thinner, and the Jerry Spinelli book Love, Stargirl.

I had to practically force myself to get up from my bed about at half past one o’clock in the afternoon. For about the last three days, I had no problem getting up early.
I took my morning medicine, put on a pair of white pyjama pants with an ice- cream cone pattern, and a blue and black striped long- sleeved shirt.

Today was my best friend Suavecita’s name day, we were going to celebrate it. I had already sent them a card, and they would come over to my house with plenty of treats. My friends Eleclya and Outikka would also visit me.

I was taking a nap when my doorbell rang furiously, it was the two friends I mentioned earlier.

We had a fun time, drinking coffee and talking and laughing, and soon Suavecita came over with a shopping bag full of goodies; a pound of sugar, a packet of berry pies, a litre of strawberry- lime juice, a bag of sourcream & onion crisps, two bags of assorted candy, a bar of Marabou chocolate, a box of liqueur- filled chocolates, and something else I don’t remember right now.

We had a good time together. Later the day Outikka left, and me, Eleclya, and Suavecita decided to go visit Helsinki.

We took a train to the city center and visited the eco- market Ruohonjuuri, Suavecita bought cocoa butter and guarana powder. I asked the shop assistant about different oils I could use to make my hair healthier and skin glow, and they recommended some ayurvedic oil for my hair, jojoba oil for my face, and I also decided to buy castor oil because it’s supposed to make your eyelashes longer and fuller without having to use mascara.

We also went to visit Fiorella, an amazing clothing shop in Kaisaniemi. They had all kinds of awesome clothes, cosmetics bags and ankle socks for sale.
Then we went to Sokos cosmetics department, I tried on yellow mascara and pink eyeliner. It made my eyes sting.

We went back to Myyrmäki on a train, I went to Myyrmanni shopping center and visited Cubus to look for new underwear. I am in desperate need of new underwear, brassieres, panties, leggings, and ankle socks. I have decided to buy one brassiere, one pair of panties, leggings, and ankle socks each week, until I have at least eight of them.

Once back home, I ate some crisps and chocolate, and at nine o’clock in the evening I took my evening medicine, and I wondered if I had actually remembered to take my medicine this morning because Tuesday’s morning medicine was still in my Dosett. But then again, I have taken up the habit of replacing the doses of medicine in my Dosett right after taking them.
I had no idea whether I had taken them or not, but I guess I had simply forgotten them.
I wondered why I hadn’t felt so manic and moody as I usually do if I actually forget to take my morning medicine, but I guess it was because I had had such a nice day with my friends. In the evening I felt like I was swaying on my feet, but I felt better after going to bed.
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