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I really don’t see why I always have to have dreams in the morning just before I wake up. It would be better if I had them around at midnight so I wouldn’t be disappointed if I have some sort of an appointment that can’t be missed.
Last night I had dreams about Doctor Who; I was a Time Lady who travelled in a grey plastic box instead of a blue wooden box. Yes, my PP Capsule was a port-o-john.
I also dreamed of Missy, who has become sort of a sugar mommy for me. I really don’t understand why I have so many pornographic dreams, when you consider that I identify as an asexual.

I was already in a sour mood when I got up in the morning about at eleven o’clock (11:00 a.m.). I knew that today I received money, which would be spent as soon as I got it.

I took my morning medicine, put on a red long- sleeved shirt with a pattern of white hearts, and a brown embroidered Dirndl dress over it. I also put on a pair of simple yellow stud earrings, and a pendant on a black raw- hide; a tiny copper- plated crescent moon with facial features.
I didn’t bother with having a wash, even if I knew that I would only regret it later.

I paid a bill for ordering some medical stuff from an online shop, and then I paid 15 dollars to a friend for a jewellery commission; I was glad when I visited FaceBook and noticed that they had tagged me into a cute YouTube video about Pitbull pups and also posted a funny fandom greeting into my inbox!

I went to Myyrmanni shopping center to withdraw cash, then I went to Citymarket to buy three big cans of milk, two big bars of Marabou Japp chocolate, and two bottles of iced espresso.

Once back home, I put the stuffs into their rightful places, drank some iced coffee, took a very impressive dump a couple of times, and then I went to see my mother.
First I went to Citymarket to buy two bottles of shampoo, one with rose oil for frail hair, and one with monoí oil for normal hair, they were in discount. I also bought a small pump- action bottle of oil- based hair serum or whatever it is called.

I caught the bus ##% to my parents’ home. Mom gave me the monthly allowance that is ninety euros, we had coffee and buns and talked a bit, and then I was off again.

I caught the bus %&% to Myyr York and went to the nearest convenience store to recharge my travel card, then I went to the dressmaker to pick up my mended dress. I was very satisfied with the result.

Once back home, I took the laundry off the drying rack and folded them and put them into my cupboard.

I was off again; I took out the trash, took a plastic bag full of old clothes to a charity shop container, returned books to the library and picked up my requests and also bought a book from the sales, and then I recycled empty bottles and cans and made 1,95 euros.
I went to the same dressmaker and gave them two of my favourite dresses to be mended, both of them are those Tyrolean dresses bought from the UFF thrift stores from downtown Helsinki. One is a dreamy pink princess dress with a pattern of tiny forget-me-nots, it has short puffy sleeves and an ankle- length skirt. It has to be widened around my humongous boobs chest. Another is the purple Dirndl dress with a pattern of tiny white flowers, the seam between the bodice and the skirt has torn a bit.

I went to Myyrmanni shopping center, and went to Citymarket to buy a Swedish Hello Kitty magazine, just because there was a freebie; a cute plastic wallet that I am going to use as my “card purse” from now on. I am going to buy another for Carol Anne as well.

I visited Gina Tricot and swooned at their gorgeous clothes, and took some to the fitting room. I enjoy fitting on clothes that I cannot afford to buy, just because it adds glamour to my life. And perhaps I will be able to buy them next week when I receive even more money.

Once back home, I washed some underwear and ate chocolate, and felt a lot of better than I did in the morning. Which is peculiar enough because usually in the mornings I don’t feel like anything at all, while in the evenings I feel simply rotten.

But of course, I forgot to go to the gym today. Which is perfectly understandable, considering how busy I have been today.

Tomorrow morning the first thing to do is to wash my hair with the new rose oil shampoo, and use the hair serum.
I will go see Eleclya and their mother, Odessa will come as well. I am going to wear the dress I picked from the dressmaker today.
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