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Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

I can’t get any sleep, so I’m writing shopping lists. I simply love writing lists about anything at all, so here goes.

On June 22nd I will receive 210 euros, that is, my monthly welfare and the weekly allowance, and I will use it to stock up my kitchen.
Here’s to hoping I will be able to afford these all.

4 packets of rye bread
2 packages of toast
2 packages of crispbread
3 packages of flatbread
2 packages of beetroot- carrot wheat rolls
2 packages of cheese bagels
2 fillets of cold- smoked salmon
2 hunks of cheese
4 bottles of freshly squeezed orange juice (it has these nasty orange flakes in it, but at least it’s healthier than from concentrate)
6 cans of lactose- free milk (some of my friends are lactose- intolerant)
2 packets of butter
2 packages of each of my favourite cream cheese flavours; garlic, chives, fried onion, cold- smoked salmon
20 tomatoes
3 cucumbers
10 oranges
10 apples
2 kilogrammes of grapes
2 bags of carrots
2 potted lettuces
2 bunches of bananas
12 eggs
8 jars of instant soup
8 bags of just- add- water pasta
6 tins of tuna in oil
2 boxes of cereals
2 boxes of porridge flakes
2 packages of coffee
2 packages of decaf coffee
And finally, tea bags; vanilla, lemon, cinnamon- ginger, pomegranate, chili- chocolate.
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