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I have decided to dedicate this year to renewing myself, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

Next week, after I have stocked up my fridge, I will start paying more attention to my diet. The main reason why I haven’t paid more attention to my diet before is that I cannot always afford proper, healthy, nutritious food.

I will keep this weekly routine when it comes to exercising. Today I will go to the natatorium and swim 125 meters/410 feet, and then go to the sauna for at least half an hour.
On Saturday I will wash my hair, and on Sunday I will go to the gym. I will have a brisk jog on the treadmill for half an hour, and then I will use each and every single one of the exercise machines, and on Monday I will wash my hair again. I think you get it by now.
I will also go for walks and bike rides as often as I can, and do yoga and the face muscle exercises every day.

I was supposed to go to a spa to have myself anally douched on June 29th. The treatment consists of three or more individual appointments, each costs 58 euros, but I have to spend this month’s money on stocking up my kitchen. Perhaps later this year.
Which reminds me, I might open a savings account for myself in a different bank than my deposit account, so I won’t feel the need to withdraw the cash. By the beginning of 2017, after the necessary Xmas food coma, I might need the treatment and actually be able to afford it.

I am also going to have the dry ends of my hair strands cut off regularly, perhaps every third month. I will use hair serum each time I wash my hair, and I will also start using Urtekram chamomile hair conditioner to make my hair a few shared lighter.

I will have my teeth whitened, I can easily do that with home remedies.

As for my face, I will use face wash, peeling cream, face tonic, and pore minimizer cream.

I want to have the hairs on my labia majora waxed because of hygiene, I always get bits of toilet paper or excretions stuck on them. I might also buy whitening cream for bleaching my anal/vagina area.

I need regular appointments with a beautician for manicures and pedicures and with a masseuse, along with foot massaging and scalp massaging.
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