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On Wednesday evening I felt a bit better and happier than I usually do in the evenings, but right before going to bed I felt anxious again. I guess it was because I had read fanfictions about tough subjects like abuse and loneliness; I should also stay off Facebook in the evenings, I follow many social justice pages and they post content about even tougher subjects.
On most days, in the mornings I really don’t feel like anything at all except a craving for coffee, during day- time I usually feel bored and moody, and in the evenings I feel anxious.
To be honest, I would feel mentally better if I took better care of my physical well- being. Brushing my teeth, taking a shower, having a sweaty work- out at the gym, tidying up my apartment, spraying rose water on my face, going for a brisk walk and getting plenty of fresh air would do me a world of good.
And also, if I laid off the coffee and started consuming healthy food, I would feel better. Food is the best healthcare there is, and even if it sounds a bit wacky, your bowels are what effects your physical and mental well- being the most.
Speaking of bowels, I was actually supposed to go to a spa this month, to have myself anally douched, but I am going to use the money on stocking up my fridge instead.

When I finally fell asleep, I had dreams about Doctor Who, me and the 3rd and 5th Doctor journeyed inside an abandoned castle. Soon the dreams got warped and turned into erotic nightmares about my sugar mommy Missy.

My doorbell rang when I was sleeping, I went to answer the door. There was a person in work overalls who told me that they had come to pick up my television; I told them I don’t have a television, they asked me if this was the correct address and I explained them, they apologized and left.
I went back to bed and slept a bit later, and I got up about at quarter to five o’clock in the evening because I needed to sleep off the sleep debt. I took my morning medicine, took a shower and washed my hair with the new monoi oil shampoo and put hair serum on it.
Speaking of my hair, my scalp has become itchy again. I should start using the cortisone emulsion that my doctor prescribed for me.

I spent most of the day inside. I surfed on the Internet, knitted a grandma square from red, orange, blue, and green striped wool yarn, read the collected adventures of Sherlock Holmes, wrote into my diary, drank a worrying amount of coffee, watched Stargirl videos on YouTube, I also called my mother a couple of times.

I felt like my brain was shouting for oxygen, I was in desperate need for fresh air and I felt the wanderlust again. So I went out and walked to the library, but going outside made the delusions even worse, and the delusions made me angry and moody. I really should take up the habit of going outside more often, so I will get used to it.

I felt quite dramatic, like I had the need to tell someone how I feel right now, but instead, I just decided to keep calm and carry on.

In the evening I felt better, I made myself a cup of peppermint tea.

Tomorrow I will go visit my mother, she will give me 20 euros for the weekend. I might walk or ride my bicycle to my parents’ home for the sake of exercising. As for the money, I need to buy coffee filters, I recently ran out of them. I also need to buy more magic ink pens, I am running out of them as well. Fortunately they are in discount at the nearest stationery shop.

I will also go to the natatorium, this time I will try to swim at least five times from end to back, that is 125 meters/410 feet. Then I will spend at least half an hour in the sauna.

As it is Friday, I need to do housework: take the carpet out for dusting, iron the floor, wash the dishes, replace the towels, take out the trash and recycling, and iron the laundry.
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