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On Friday evening I managed to wash two loads of laundry, this time I put them into the balcony because when I hang the laundry on a drying rack inside my apartment, the air gets so humid it’s almost unbearable, especially during summer.

I knitted a quilt square while watching Doctor Who on Netflix, I went to sleep about at midnight after finishing one square and making it to the episode Mummy on the Orient Express.

I had a dream where I started collecting a memory album of photos. In another dream me and my friends Eleclya and Suavecita went travelling in Europe, we went to Ireland, Russia, and Germany.
In another dream I tried to find a proper counterpane for myself, and in another it was snowing in June.

I felt strangely comfortable in my bed on Saturday morning. After getting up, I took my morning medicine and went back to bed for a short while, but fortunately I didn’t sleep all day as I usually do when I go back to bed after taking my morning medicine. After getting up, I brushed my teeth, had some coffee, and then I washed my face and took a shower. I also rubbed the hair serum into my hair, it became princess pretty.

I went out for errands; I took a plastic bag full of some old useless stuff to a charity shop container, and then I went to the library to read some comics, and then to the art museum. I was really glad to notice that the museum is also open on Sundays.

I took some old useless medicines to the pharmacy for recycling, and then I visited a few shops.

Once back home, I felt bored until I decided to go for an outing. I took along a book about the collected adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
I took a bus to Mellunmäki, then a subway to Sörnäinen. I walked about in the neighbourhood, and I felt a bit melancholy, but in a bittersweet way. I walked all the way to Hakaniemi, I walked through the avenues, feeling like I desperately wanted to be happy, but didn’t know how exactly to become happy.
I was feeling pretty tired already, so I took a tram to Kaisaniemi. I wanted to visit Eurokangas, the shop that sells all kinds of sewing equipment and cloths, but it was already closed.

I took a bus to Aviapolis, then a train to Myyrmäki. Once back home, it was time to do the evening routines and go to bed.

This morning I had a dream about yesterday’s adventures, and for some reason I felt strangely uncomfortable when I woke up. I couldn’t settle my blanket for a proper position that would feel good.

I got up, and managed to do the morning routines as usual. I’m getting quite good at taking better care of myself.

I saw my mother today, we agreed to meet in the Myyrmanni shopping center because she gave me some money, and she was going to go look for knitting yarn.

I spent the money she gave me on a new purple magic ink pen from the stationery shop, I am running out of them. I also bought a package of three underpants from Cubus, I am really glad that the shop is in the nearby mall because they sell underwear that is in all sizes, affordable, and pretty.

I also bought two bars of Marabou Japp chocolate, then I went home. Later the day I went to the gym, but I didn’t feel like staying long; I walked on the treadmill only for ten minutes, and I managed to use all the exercise machines pretty quickly.

Once back home, I noticed that for the past few days I have felt quite bitter and moody, even if my menses are over for this month.

I decided to go for an urbane adventure. I took a bus to Rastila, then a subway to the city center, then a train to Myyrmäki, and wrote into my diary and pondered about stuff.

Once back home, I drew the curtains because it was getting late. It wasn’t until then when the sun started shining, quite ironic because it has been all grey, rainy, and dull for the past few days.

I called my mother, but it left me with a feeling that I call her all too often.

I hope tomorrow will be better.
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