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Last night I had set my smartphone’s alarm clock to ring at nine o’clock in the morning (9:00 am), because my ASPA worker would come visit me at ten o’clock (10:00 am).
ASPA, which stands for ASumis- PAlvelu, Inhabitant Service, is a company that provides mentally or physically challenged people with affordable houses and apartments for their needs, and also something to do like hobby groups and outings.
We have agreed that my ASPA worker is going to visit me for one hour a week, and we are going to talk about things and stuff about my life.

My smartphone rang at nine o’clock, waking me up with a start, and I turned it off and went back to bed. My doorbell rang an hour later, waking me up with a start.
I put on my bathrobe, ruffled my hair, and went to open the door.

We sat on my sofa- bed and talked about stuff, I was still sleepy and a bit annoyed but the worker, or actually my regular worker’s substitute, was really nice to me.
After they left, I went back to sleep and had very peculiar dreams.

After I woke up again in the afternoon, I had a horrid headache so I took a pain killer, and then I got up, dressed up, dabbed lotion on my face and put on some decent clothes; a pink Dirndl dress and a grey Monster High blouse over it. I also drank so much coffee that I started worrying if it is healthy.

I was in a sour mood all day. I should probably eat something else than just drink coffee all day.
The delusions kept on pestering me, they made me feel annoyed.

I went to visit the library, and I had a good time. I went to visit Citymarket to check out if they had any good stuff in discount, and I got plenty of free snacks or whatevsies it is called when the sellers give free samples of their foods; halloum and feta cheese, and a piece of chocolate chip cookie with this amazing gooey chocolate inside.

Once back home, I read a Sandman comic album and felt very weird; I had been drinking coffee and swallowing tranquillizers all day, and I was feeling a bit not right in the head.

Tomorrow would be a better day, I would go visit my mother and she would give me the weekly 20 euro allowance she always gives me. I would also go to the Myöhätuuli hobby group. And at some point I should go to the natatorium.
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