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Just like the night before, I stayed awake all night, even if I had remembered to take my evening medicine. I guess I was just in an exceptionally jolly mood, I didn’t even feel like sleeping.
I really don’t understand why I haven’t been able to sleep properly, I have taken my medicine in time and exercised a lot, and I haven’t even drunk coffee as much as I used to.

In order to spend the time on a sleepless night, I read about geocaching and magic yarn balls from a friend’s blog.
To those who don’t know, geocaching means that you hide Tupperware boxes filled with nice trinkets into a forest or a park, and it’s up to others to find them using GPS or whatevsies, and whatever they find, they can keep. It’s all a good fun, plenty of fresh air and spending time in the nature.
And as for magic yarn balls, it means that you purchase a yarn ball and unravel it and while you wrap it up into a ball again, you put all kinds of nice trinkets like candy and jewellery inside it and then give it to someone as a gift, someone who enjoys knitting or crocheting.
I am already planning to give them to my friends, like Norsis and Kierushka, and one for my mother as well, they all love knitting.
I am thinking about doing these things because I want to do something kind to others.

I downloaded some new fonts from DaFont.com, and started knitting another square for a quilt.
I listened to Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride soundtrack, I have learned to love it.

About a little before four o’clock in the morning I went downstairs to the storage rooms. There is a long corridor with these storage spaces that look like chicken coops, people keep their stuff there.
I keep my old and new diaries, the ones I have already filled up with my writing, and the ones that are still empty, in my own chicken coop. I suddenly felt the need to put them in better order, or just look at them adoringly. I really should pare down my collection to the essentials, and give away the ones that I have bought in a whim.
To be honest, I am really critical about the design of my notebooks, I only buy the designs I find the most gorgeous.

When the time was about half past six o’clock in the morning, I took a shower and brushed my teeth, and I immediately felt fresher and better than I did before.

I also played Pokémon: RED on PlayR.org, I am going to beat the Elite Four as many times it takes until I earn enough money to make my money counter stop at 999999 units.
I am also going to train my legendary bird pokémons, Articuno and Moltres, to level 70, and my fairy type pokémons, Wigglytuff and Clefable and Chansey, to level 50.

I decided to take a nap in order to sleep off the sleep debt. Later the day when I got up, I was feeling as if reality was coming apart.

Later the day my friend Mirette came to visit me, we were both heading to Eleclya’s house; we were going to leave our sleepover stuff there, and then Suavecita would drive us to Heidi’s where we would celebrate Midsummer, and then we would sleep over at Eleclya’s house.

We took a bus to where Eleclya lives, they were home with their mother. Odessa had gone to an amusement park, so they weren’t coming.

Later the day Suavecita arrived, we had lunch with Eleclya; corn on the cob, and boiled potatoes with butter.

After lunch, Suavecita drove us to where Heidi and their fiancée Jari lives. Ansku and Suski were there as well.
We had a good time, eating treats and drinking, but it got a bit out of hand because Eleclya drunk themselves silly and we had to leave.

Suavecita drove us back to Eleclya’s home, their mother Maija scolded them for making a fool of themselves.
To be honest, I am worried about Eleclya, I have known them from junior high, and it seems as if they don’t have their life together.

Maija went to a barn dance to celebrate the Midsummer Eve, and me, Eleclya, Suavecita, and Mirette were left alone. We ate pancakes, listened to Children of Bodom, Suavecita and Eleclya went outside to take the latter’s dog Hipsu for a walk.
We had a good time and got wilder than before, we took our shirts and brassieres off and laughed ourselves silly.
We actually managed to break a chair, and spill Coca- Cola all over the table.
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