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Me and Mirette had a sleepover at my home, I love sleepovers either at my home or a friend’s.

I got my period today, so I had to squeeze a Lunette keeper inside myself. I’m considering buying a new Lunette, because I cut the “antenna” of the current one because it was making me feel uncomfortable before I even learned how to use it properly. I’m also thinking about buying a purple Lunette keeper, because the current one is translucent and after months of use it has turned into a nasty brownish- yellow colour.

In the morning after taking my meds I had the first proper morning wash for about a week by now, and also cooked a decent breakfast.

I took a loooooooong nap in my bed, and actually started to wonder why I have been so sleepy for a while now.

After getting up, me and Mirette went out for errands. First we went to the social office, I had to take my bills there, and we took a few friendship selfies together.

We also visited the art museum Artsi together, the exhibition was about old LP covers. My favorite was the parody of The Ramones, titled “Romanes” and the band members depicted as LEGO characters.

Once back home, we both spent the rest of the day topless, and I managed to wash a load of laundry and iron another load of laundry and wash the dishes.

In the evening, I ate chevre- rucola pasta and read The Collected Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
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