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Today I felt a bit better. Or actually, very much better. Peep peep

This morning I had even more weird dreams that seemed somehow realistic.
In most of the dreams I hung out with all my closest friends; Suavecita, Pinky, Elyseé, Tintin, Mirette, and Emjuso are those I remember.
In the dreams I hung out with them in the Central Railway Station, I was feeling anxious and they comforted me. I ran through a shop that sold glass ornaments, and broke everything. I asked the shop assistant (who looked much like Christabella from the movie Silent Hill) to forgive me, but zie was really cold towards me.
In the same dream I found out that the DC Comics character Lobo was my real father.
In another dream we decided to take part in a protest, we all grew huge wings and flew to an ancient snowy forest to protest cutting trees from the forest part, and drilling for oil in the snowy part.
In another dream Suavecita told me that zie wanted to go to this party in Oulu, a city in Finland; the party was held by some sort of socialist youth group, and zie didn’t want to go alone so zie asked me to come along, but I told hir I would rather go to Naantali, another city in Finland. In the dream I looked at a huge globe and tried to find out whether Naantali resided in the Siberian tundra, or the deserts of Sahara.

I woke up early and looked at my smartphone, it was recharging on my nightstand. I had this weird vision that it was 01:90 a.m., dubya- tee- eff? I also had another “not awake, not asleep” vision, where I stood in the middle of my bed completely butt- naked and tried to think what was so Freudian about the dreams I had had just before.

Later the morning I felt this weird cramping pain in the back of my ankles, calves, tights, and buttocks. It couldn’t have been menstrual cramps, because my period is over for this month, and I didn’t take tranquillizers last night; usually when I take tranquillizers during the night to help me sleep, I get these annoying cramps into my legs.
Nevertheless, it was so painful that I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and took my morning medicine. I lied down on my bed for a while and got up half an hour later.

I was in an extraordinarily happy mood, I tiptoed all over my apartment, eating Nutella out of the jar with a spoon, completely butt- naked, fluffing my hair and waving my arms like an adolescent bird that’s ready to fly.

I took a shower and scrubbed myself from head to toe, and put some hair serum into my hair and brushed my teeth.
When using an interdental brush, I managed to break off the brush head and get it stuck between my molars. I poked it a couple of times, and it got loose.

I was going to wear a sunflower- yellow blouse with a lemon- yellow summer dress over it, but changed it into a pink Dirndl dress with a pattern of tiny blue flowers, and a blouse with purple and black horizontal stripes.

I decided to go to WeeGee, an art museum in Espoo, I haven’t visited it for about year and half by now. Today was going to be boring anyway, so I could as well do something.

I took a bus to Kamppi, then another bus to Espoo, and got off at the stop right next to the museum.

I had a good time in the museum, except that I was a bit hungry.
The art museum WeeGee is divided into sections; the biggest one has changing art shows, sculptures and paintings and installations; one is about the history of clocks with all kinds of clocks on display, from wooden grandmother clocks to Pokémon wristwatches.
Another is about the history of Espoo, there’s a small patch of woolly mammoth fur. I don’t know if it’s a replica, or has actually been preserved from a real mammoth.
Then there’s a toy museum, right now there’s an exhibition about PEZ dispensers, and old circuses. I thought that my friend Carol Anne would enjoy visiting it, zie is a big fan of circuses and sideshows.

Later I took the same bus back to Kamppi, walked around for a while, and then took a train to Myyrmäki.

I called my friend Mirette and asked hir if zie wanted to see me tomorrow, I was going to pay hir a tenner after zie bought me a chocolate bar last week, and a pair of cute socks the week before that.

I had agreed to meet my mother today, later she called me and told me she’s coming to Myyrmanni shopping center. She gave me a tenner, and we walked around in the shopping center, talking about things and stuff, and then we went to Citymarket to buy groceries.

I went back home, and made some coffee. Later the day I went back to the shopping center just to look at stuff, and I found plenty of gorgeous stuff I am going to buy tomorrow once I receive my weekly allowance; of course, I am going to buy groceries first. And I’ll have to see how much money I am going to receive, during the past few weeks I have received more than a hundred euros each Wednesday (I guess it’s because I had received two months’ worth of housing benefit after it was cancelled) 

I was feeling very unrestful, so I took some tranquillizers. They didn’t help me, and my nose kept on itching hard.

Suavecita called me, we had a nice talk and agreed that we are going to meet tomorrow with Mirette.

I was feeling very nervous and anxious, that I decided to head to my own enchanted place; the rock cliff where I used to hang around when I went to kindergarten. I was thinking about going there to meditate, and then go back home.

As it happened, when I took the train to the part of Vantaa, I was feeling so anxious that my head was spinning, so I took a bus back to Myyrmäki and went back home, feeling a bit downcast.

Once back home, I made myself a cup of coffee and took my evening medicine. I really should lay off the caffeine, it’s making my mental health deteriorate.

I kept on quarrelling with the delusions, but after I changed into a nightshirt and went to bed and wrote a bit, I felt better and calmer.

Tomorrow I will receive monies, the first thing to do is to go buy groceries from Citymarket; a few big cans of lactose- free milk, two boxes of butter, two hunks of low- fat cheese, two cucumbers, a pound of tomatoes, two light bulbs, and something else I cannot remember right now.
I agreed to meet Suavecita and Mirette in the shopping center, I will pay Mirette a tenner, and then we will go shopping; I will buy a brassiere and a pair of leggings from Cubus, a dress and a pair of daisy dukes from Hennes & Mauritz, and some jewellery like finger rings from Gina Tricot. I will also go to Bella’s thrift store to buy some clothes and other stuff.

I am also going to “force” myself to go to the gym tomorrow and work out until I am a mess. I have been putting it off for Goddess knows how long.
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