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🍀 I have decided that from now on when I go for urbane adventures, that is, when I just take a bus, train, subway, or tram somewhere, I will bring along a book or some knitting. That way I will have something important to do while passing time, because (I hate to sound like a baby boomer, but anyway) staring at your smartphone just doesn’t cut it.

🍁 But of course, a smartphone is a really good invention, but it shouldn’t take up all your time. There’s this Finnish saying that “** is a good servant, but a bad master”. 

🌺 I really love all the free downloadable fonts on DAFont.com. If I had extra money, I would donate some money to each of the users who make their own fonts, to support them.

🌻 Me and Suavecita have been thinking about visiting Haltiala, it’s kind of like a small zoo except it’s for farm animals like pigs, sheep, horses, cows, and chickens. We could also visit the Rastila beach during the autumn gales.

🌹 I am really glad I made friends with Mirette, we have been having super fun times together. I feel like zie is a soul sister to me.

🌷 The old junior high where me, Suavecita, and Eleclya used to attend, has been closed down for good because of the mould problems. The windows have been boarded up, and there’s litter and graffiti all over, it’s like a post- apocalyptic world. I might ask Shaman and Mirette to come there with me, we could snap some very artistic photos of it.

🌼 Next week I will go visit my paternal grandmother in Kangasala, I will stay there until Saturday. Normally I would stay until Friday, but the difference is that on Fridays the Greyhound bus back to Helsinki leaves at twenty- five minutes to eight o’clock in the morning (07:35 a.m.) which is too early, on Saturdays it leaves two hours later.

🌸 Next week when I receive my monthly allowance, I will order some stuff online such as a dress from AliExpress, a bear hoodie from Storenvy, and perhaps some other stuff from Amazon and Etsy.
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