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I have been thinking about giving up on keeping a real life paper diary, because my creative juices flow more freely when I write on a laptop. I don’t know what causes it, but that’s the way it goes.
But then again, I have piles of empty notebooks in my storage room, some of them are really rare and expensive, so I shouldn’t ditch them.

I have an awful lot of pimples on my neck, bosom, and shoulders. I don’t know what is causing them, but they would be lot of funnier if they were ripe enough to be popped into oblivion. Fortunately I don’t actually make such a big fuss about my looks as I did in junior high, so I really don’t care about my pimples. I look cute, anyway.

I didn’t get much sleep during the night, I don’t know if it was uncontained excitement due to the fact that I would have another fun day out tomorrow, or actually today, or if it was just that I had drunk too much coffee. I should switch to decaf, it tastes just as good as “normal” coffee with milk and sugar, but it doesn’t make me feel like reality around me is coming apart like in an episode of Homestuck.
At least I had remembered to take my evening medicine last night, and I had also dealt my pills into my Dosett.

I got up about at midnight after watching one and half episode of Sherlock Hound, changed my nightshirt into a bathrobe, and played Pokémon: RED on PlayR.org.

I looked through my cupboards and closets and drawers and desperately tried to find useless stuff to give away, and fortunately I found plenty of stuff. I also went to the storage room downstairs and brought in some empty notebooks I am going to give away; I’m trying to pare down my notebook collection just to the essentials.

I spent most of my morning doing little bit of this and that, and about after five o’clock (5:00 a.m.) I received the weekly allowance, but it was only eighty euros (80 €), and I also had to pay a bill. Just to soothe my disappointment, I ordered a shirt from SnorgTees.com, a webshop that sells geeky shirts. Fortunately I had enough bonus points, so it cost only six dollars and fifteen cents ($6,15) which wouldn’t break my bank.

I decided to travel to Helsinki, and go to the S- Market in Sokos shopping center that is open 24 hours a day. At least it’s something to do.
At first I thought of taking a train, but the Geography of Fear prevented it. Then I was thinking of taking the bus ¤!!, but the bus ¤#& left earlier.
The sky was a pearly purple and the seagulls were shrieking with mischievous joy; I thought about how badass seagulls are, they steal hamburgers and ice cream cones right out of your hand and poop on you.

Once in S- Market, I bought two cucumbers, a pound of tomatoes, a pound of tangerines, a packet of cheese bagels, two packets of carrot flatbread, two cartons of milk, a carton of strawberry yoghurt, a box of butter, a block of low- fat cheese, and two lightbulbs, and paid with my Visa Electron because I didn’t feel like withdrawing money. My purchases cost about fifty- one euros (51 €).

I took the bus ¤!! back to Myyrmäki because the trains weren’t moving. Once home I put the groceries to their rightful places, ate a little snack, and screwed the lightbulb to the bathroom lamp.

I felt a bit downcast now that most of my money is gone, but fortunately I will receive more on Friday when my mother will give me 90 euros. Of course, most of it will be spent on reloading my travel card, but it will be worth it.

It was quarter past seven o’clock in the morning when I decided to play my Boring Game; it’s like the Glad Game from the Pollyanna book series, where you try to find at least one glad thing in each moment. In my case, Boring Game is when you’re bored to tears, and you look around yourself and try to find at least one thing you can do to relieve your boredom.
In this case, I managed to do plenty of housework.

I rubbed some of the cortisone emulsion into my scalp, it has become scabby again. I really should remember to use it constantly, not only when my scalp gets worse.
I also took my morning medicine, I’m glad I didn’t forget about that.

I went out for errands; I returned some books to the library and took the old broken lightbulb to recycling, and then I went to the post office to fetch a package I had ordered from an online shop, it contained a Tefal frying pan. The aforementioned kitchen utensil wasn’t too big, but the cardboard box it came in was huge. But then again, I can keep the box and store something inside it.

I spent most of the noon trying to avoid boredom, until it was time to go see my friends.
I met Mirette and Suavecita in Myyrmanni shopping center, Suavecita drove us to Horror Shop where we fitted on some dresses and read magazines about horror movies. I also introduced Mirette to mine and Suavecita’s long time friend Perkele, who is the owner of Horror Shop & Tattoo Dungeon.

We went to visit Eleclya, Suavecita drove us there. While I surfed on the Internet, the other girls ate ice cream and played Uno and went outside to play Pokemon Go.

Suavecita gave me and Mirette a lift to Martinlaakso, where we caught a train. I got off at Myyrmäki, Mirette travelled to Helsinki.

Once back home, I drank some coffee, took my evening medicine, and noticed that my Internet connection wasn’t working so I had to use an USB dongle again. If it still doesn’t work by tomorrow, I shall call the helpline and ask them to fix it.

I agreed to meet my mother tomorrow, she will give me the weekly allowance. I will also meet Mirette, I will pay hir back a tenner for buying a chocolate bar and a pair of ankle socks for me. I will also buy new sunglasses, I gave my old ones to Mirette who had lost hir own.

Today was a good day, and I was mostly in a good mood. I’m glad I have so many amazing friends.
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