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Last night when I came home, I was too tired to go to the gym. It was also about half past eight o’clock in the evening, even if the gym where I frequent is open 24 hours a day, I thought it was too late go to there.
I took a long, hot shower and dabbed basic lotion on my skin, it felt good.
It also felt good to go to sleep after staying awake for about 16 hours. I meditated myself to sleep, and slept soundly till ten o’clock this morning, having nice dreams.

I got up, took my morning medicine, and didn’t bother with having a wash. I lazed around in my underwear and drank coffee.

My mother called me and told me she is coming to Myyrmäki today, because she has to give me both the weekly allowance and the monthly allowance, considering that they are going to go visit the grandmother I will be visiting soon. We agreed to meet in Myyrmanni shopping center in half an hour.

I quickly washed the sleep out of my eyes and freshened up, and put on clothes, then I went to see my mother. I should have combed my hair, it was a bit fluffy because I had gone to bed last night with damp hair. Nevertheless, mom said my hair is beautiful and that bobbed hair fits me very well. I am still going to grow a full- blown hippy hair so I can put it on braids.
Mother gave me 110 euros altogether, 90 euros was the monthly allowance and 20 euros was the weekly allowance. We went to Citymarket where mom bought some groceries and kitchen equipment, she also met one of our former neighbours and chatted with her a long time, but I didn’t mind.

After she left, I went to Ärrä to recharge my travel card, and then I went shopping; I bought a pair of denim shorts with red roses embroidered on them from Hennes & Mauritz; a pair of simple black leggings and a pair of sunglasses from Cubus; and from Bella’s flea market, I bought a purple pyjama onesie with a cute cartoon zebra on the front and black and white zebra stripes on the sleeves, and a pink heart- shaped cardboard box with a pattern of red hearts, and a green gel candle with some sand and seashells inside the gel.

Once back home, I put the new clothes to the laundry basket and the new artefacts to their rightful places.

I took a shower and brushed my teeth, washed two loads of laundry and ironed some laundry.

I spent most of the day inside, doing this and that. I also went for an urbane adventure, but I was so caught up on writing lists on my smartphone which was soon out of battery, so once in Helsinki I just visited Cybershop in the central railway station and then took a train back to Myyrmäki.

Once home, I plugged my smartphone into a charger and continued writing lists. I also took my paper calendar off the billboard and wrote the important dates into my smartphone calendar, and then I threw the wall calendar into the cardboard recycling.

Later the evening Eleclya and Odessa came to visit me because they were bored waiting for the next bus, we had coffee and cheese bagels.
After they left, I drank coffee, watched Doctor Who on Netflix, took my evening medicine, and then went to bed.

Tomorrow I will clean up my apartment; I need to take out the trash and recycling, hoover the floor, scrub the bathroom, wash the dishes, and replace the towels.
I will meet Mirette and pay hir a debt. I also need to go to the psychiatric center to renew a prescription. Then I will go to the natatorium.
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