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I don’t know the reason behind it, but for the past week I have woken up in the small hours every morning.
I used to think that it’s only good that I wake up early, it’s good for the health instead of snoozing until late afternoon, but then again, it is ever so annoying to wake up at three o’clock in the morning and feel like you cannot sleep (or, in my case, I have the weird psychosomatic pain in my knee joints which prevents me from sleeping) and you cannot find anything special to do without disturbing the neighbours.
Well of course, I could have plenty of things to do; read the rest of the book Collected Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, knit more quilt squares, or watch Doctor Who on Netflix.

Anway, I went to the bathroom to take my morning medicine, and then I logged in to the online bank account to see if I had received the monthly allowance, yes I had. I closed my laptop and went back to bed and slept till ten o’clock.

After getting up, I put on clean underwear and a simple dress, then I went to Myyrmanni shopping center to withdraw the cash.
I went to Citymarket and bought a pair of Scholl insoles, those rubbery ones, and a bottle of industrial glue to fix the insoles into my boots because otherwise they wouldn’t stick.
The insoles are probably very nifty and useful, but they have an annoying habit to slide off from their proper places when I walk; I have had them before, and I couldn’t use them. Here’s to hoping they will work this time.

Later the day I had to leave again; me and my friend Eleclya were going to the movies to see Alice Through the Looking Glass.
I took a train to Tikkurila, then a bus to where Eleclya lives. Zie got aboard, and we travelled to Aviapolis and took a train to Helsinki, and we had to run to make it to the movie theater.
I had left at half past eleven o’clock, and the movie was shown at one o’clock. I guess I should have counted the hours better.
Nevertheless, we had a good time, cracking jokes and being happy.

Fortunately we made it to the movie theater in time, and I bought a big tub of popcorn.
We both enjoyed the movie. Nevertheless, I don’t understand why Tim Burton always uses the same actors, either Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham Carter. Of course, they both are very talented actors.
I loved seeing Andrew Scott, the actor who played Jim Moriarty in the BBC Sherlock series, even in such a small role in the movie.
The ending was awesome, I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet. Mind you, I haven’t seen the first movie yet, but I requested it from the library on DVD.

After the movie we went to the modern art museum Kiasma, where I bought a postcard that I am going to put on my collage wall. It’s a drawn picture of a child reading a book while sitting on a sofa, being surrounded by fictional characters such as Pippi Longstocking, Sherlock Holmes, Mary Poppins, Little Prince, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, Pinocchio and the three little pigs.

Our friend Mirette came to see us, I paid hir a debt that I owed hir because zie bought me a bar of chocolate and a pair of socks.

We went to visit a shop named Fiorella in Kaisaniemi. In the 00’s they used to sell typical fashionable clothes along with fur coats, but nowadays they sell plenty of “alternative” clothes like soft grunge and chola. They also sell smartphone covers, espadrilles, ankle socks, emoji bacpacks and plushies.
I made an interesting combination with a turquoise tank top with a pattern of pizza slices and a purple heart with a text “All I care about is pizza” and a pair of black slacks with a red rose pattern.
We took a subway to Hakaniemi and went to visit the local UFF thrift store.
There was a discount, all clothes cost 2 euros apiece, and Mirette found all kinds of gorgeous clothes that zie bought.
I don’t usually like the discount sales at the UFF thrift stores when all my favourite clothes will be sold off in the blink of an eye, but of course, next week there will be more awesome clothes when they have a new selection. I will go check out the vintage clothing departments in the UFF shops in Freda, Iso- Roba, and Hakaniemi of course.

Our friend Odessa came to see us, zie was walking hir dog Kaapo who is a bichon havanese. We went to McDonald’s to have dinner, and then Eleclya and Odessa left.
I went to Hakaniemi Bazaar and bought a pair of orange cycling shorts.
Me and Mirette went to hir home to pick up some of hir stuffs, I had invited hir for a sleepover to my home.

I drank some cocoa made from rice milk while zie packed hir stuff. I was in a hyperactive mood, I had had such a fun day.
We took a subway to Rastila, then a bus to Myyrmäki. During the trip we took some friendship selfies and laughed at the “starter pack” memes.
Once in Myyrmäki, we went to Citymarket to buy some groceries.

Once at my home, the first thing to do was to glue the Scholl insoles into the bottom of my biker boots. I know it was to be untouched for 24 hours, but tomorrow me and Mirette will go for a walk, I will show hir around in my old home town.

I ordered some stuff from the Internet; a limited edition Deadpool DVD, two rechargeable Scholl foot files (one is for me, the other is going to be a birthday gift for Mirette) and a Disney figure, Tiana from Princess and The Frog.
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