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🌟 Next week I will go see the movies Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows in the morning, then X- Men: Apocalypse in the afternoon, and finally Captain America: Civil War in the evening.
It’s all about this project about how am I going to feel after seeing three movies during day- time; of course, I can watch plenty of movies on DVD and Netflix, but I have never seen three full movies in a movie theater during the same day.
It’s going to be awesome, the only thing I am afraid is going to see the movie in the evening; as a woman, I have a natural fear of moving in the city at midnight, so I have to be extra careful. Fortunately there are buses leaving after midnight.

🍍 Speaking of movies, me and my friend Suavecita, Mirette, and Eleclya will go see the movie Ghostbusters next month. At some point me, Mirette, and Suavecita will go visit IKEA because me and Mirette need to buy some furniture, and Suavecita knows how to drive a car and assemble furniture.

🍒 I need three lamps; one for the ceiling, the old one is boring but I am still going to store it somewhere so I can put it back there if I move out of this apartment. I think I will buy a blue one with a pattern of white clouds.
I also need a wall lamp to the hallway, it’s ever so annoying that there isn’t a light source, I always have to turn on the bathroom light and keep the bathroom door wide open.
And when I get the bunk bed (I am going to buy it from my friend Emjuso’s old bunk bed, and ask Perkele to bring it to my home and assemble it), I also need a wall lamp for the upper bed, which is reserved for visitors. And a mattress would be nice for the upper bed as well. IKEA sells two kinds of wall lamps, one in the shape a yellow crescent moon and one a red heart, they are both awesome.
I also need another bureau of drawers, I can keep my underwear and CDs in the one that I already own, and towels and bed linen in another, and a book shelf for my DVDs and books, a small table and a couple of chairs into my kitchenette so I don’t have to eat my meals standing by the kitchen counter, and a coffee table into the middle of my apartment that serves as a living room, and also some towels and bed linen and light bulbs.

🍏 You might wonder, why I am awake at this time of the night? I have had such an amazing, eventful day, I am on such a natural high that I might not come down for hours now! 😵 I actually managed to sleep for a few hours, but my sleeping pattern has changed a bit so I don’t feel like sleeping much. Fortunately I don’t feel sleepy during daytime.

🍎 I really should go for walks more often, and also bike rides now that I have finally pumped my tires full of air. Getting my blood pumping and breathing plenty of fresh air would do wonders to both my mental and physical health.

🍐 I have decided that on the first day of August, I will go to the gym and work out as usual; first about fifteen minutes of stretching, then half an hour on the treadmill, and then about half an hour using every single one of the exercise machines.
On Tuesday I will go to the natatorium and try to swim at least 125 meters, and then spend at least 20 minutes in the sauna.
On Wednesday, when I will go visit my grandmother for a couple of days, I will wash my hair. I will bring my gym clothes and bathing suit so I can visit the local gym and natatorium, and then I will continue the same routine; gym, natatorium, hair wash, gym, natatorium, hair wash.

🍊 Speaking of gym, I need to buy proper sports socks and brassieres, they already sell them in Cubus where they have a sale right now.

🍋 Today I am going to do plenty of housework, and also go for a walk with Mirette. I'm going to show hir around in my hometown only a mile away, my childhood yards and stuff. I already gave hir my Converse All Stars shoes with a pair of new insoles, I can do with my biker boots.

🍈 As for housework, I need to take out the trash, hoover the floor, scrub the bathroom, and take the mattress out to dust it and dress my bed into clean linen, wash the week- old bedsheets and towels, re- arrange my stuff...

🍌 I was prescribed Bemetson cortisone emulsion to heal the scabby eczema on my scalp; I am supposed to rub it into my scalp once a day, but I don't always remember to do so and besides, my hair is on the way. But I must do it, considering that the eczema won't heal any other way.

🍉 My stomach is bloated to the point of pain, it serves me right for drinking a bajillion mugs of cocoa. I cannot help it, I have such a sweet tooth 😗

🍇 I wish I could draw comics, I have so many neat ideas for them! But I also have Luisa Rodriguez, an amazing artist whom I have known for almost ten years 😍 I always commission hir about my ideas, and zie makes them come true 😃

🍓 When people criticize smartphones and emojis and selfie sticks and Pokémon Go, it always reminds me about how people criticized bicycles, newspapers, telephones, televisions and such when they were first brought unto the public. The world has always been like that.
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