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I spent the entire Thursday sleeping, but I got up in the evening about at half past five o’clock to take my morning medicine.
About two hours later I took my evening medicine and went to bed fully clothes, without drawing the curtains.

I had nightmares, and got up at half past noon feeling crummy.
I called my mother and asked hir if I can come over, zie said zie is coming over to Mole Hill today and wanted to give me a backpack zie doesn’t use anymore, zie also promised to give me some money.

The new backpack is boring, grey with a red Adidas logo, but at least it isn’t torn in many places like my old retro Hello Kitty backpack. But this one is going to serve as a substitute until I buy a new one; preferably the glittery Anna & Elsa one from the local toy shop, it has all kinds of nifty pockets.

I mailed four birthday cards and one name- day card today.

I bought a green magic ink pen, and something else I don’t remember right now.

In the evening my friend Pinky called me and asked if I wanted to go to the natatorium with hir, I said yes.
Once in the natatorium, we swam around a couple of times and then went to the sauna.

I asked Pinky if I can come over to hir place for the evening, zie said yes.
Once at hir place, we had tuna salad, naan bread, salted crisps and other treats. We talked about stuff and watched the television. I washed my hair with Natusan oil shampoo, it made my hair very strong.

In the evening I went home, I was supposed to text Pinky back once I get home to make sure I was safe, but I forgot.

Once back home, I had a proper wash and took my evening medicine, then I went to bed.

I woke up early this morning to an uncomfortable feeling; my stomach and back ached so much that I couldn’t even turn on the other side. I decided to go sleep on the sofa- bed.

I slept very well all the way to noon. I got up, took my morning medicine, and then I was supposed to have a wash but while I was flossing my teeth, the delusions bothered me so much that I had to give up. I managed to wash my face and neck, but I used too much face wash, my whole face and neck were covered in the stuff, and it made me feel frustrated.

I put on some clothes, and then it was time to go out. I went to see my friend Mirette.
On my way to the train station I popped to Citymarket and bought a can of milk so we could have cocoa.

I took a train to Helsinki, then a subway to where Mirette lives.
We had cocoa and Nutella sandwiches, talked about stuff and made plans for next month.

After leaving, I took a subway to Hakaniemi and visited the local UFF thrift store, just to look around, and then I went to Ekolo to look for hygiene products. At some point I should buy the Globe Hope apron from there, it is in discount right now. I need a heavy- duty apron to wear while washing the dishes.

I took another subway to Kamppi, and visited NT Bags to look for a new backpack.
I found a functional wallet, purple with pictures of Moomins; I have been keeping my different kind of cards, debit cards and discount cards, and my cash in a different purse. It would be best if I kept them all in the same purse.

I took a bus to Myyrmäki and went home.
I washed two loads of laundry, mopped the bathroom floor, and ironed some laundry.

Tomorrow I will hoover and mop the floor under the furniture, and wash the dishes.
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