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Originally from Tumblr; how many houses have you lived in?

I saw this entry on Tumblr about making a lists of all the places where you have lived. So here goes.

When I was born at the end of the year 1988, my family lived in a small cosy apartment in the same neighborhood with a famous Finnish F1 driver Mika Häkkinen.

Later my family moved into another apartment, where we lived until I turned eleven (11) years old. Me and my brother used to share a bedroom; I didn't like how my brother used to threaten people to hang them with a noose if I they came in to HIS room, and my brother didn't like the fact that I learned to masturbate at an early age.

My parents still live in the same apartment where I lived until I moved to the youth hostel named Casa Franca. I lived there for two years and then I moved to Kitler Hill, and then I moved to this apartment where I live right now. It's the only apartment that truly feels like Home.
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