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Last night I watched the Batman movies directed by Tim Burton on Netflix. Sure beats sleeping!

In the morning I took my medicine and went back to bed, I took a long morning nap and woke up feeling fresh like a dewy rosebud on a misty Alpine morning.

I dressed up and dabbed some jasmine oil serum lotion on my face, and then I went to see my mother. We were both heading to this group for the family members of mentally challenged people.

We took the bus ¤!! to Opera, then a tram to the hospital.

I had a good time, the counsellors Kata and Mella were really nice to us, they gave us coffee, berry juice, chocolate chip cookies, buns, rolls, and other goodies. Coffee tastes surprisingly good when you are thirsty and haven’t got anything else to drink.

I showed Kata one of my Finnish blogs, miiushka @ blogspot. Zie said I write very well.

Later the day me and my mother had to leave, and that was the only bad part about the day, believe it or not.

Me and mom walked to the city center and took a train to Myyr York. Once there, mom went home on a bus and I went to my own home.

I watched the movie Batman & Robin and Scooby Doo and Deadpool. The firstly mentioned was a bootleg, the second was Netflix, and the last was on DVD.

Tomorrow will be another housecleaning day; I need to replace the towels and bedsheets and wash them, hoover and mop the floor including from under the furniture, take out the trash, wipe the working desk and the kitchen counters, scrub the bathroom, and put my stuff in better order. I will also go visit my mother.
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